How To Style These Re-Emerging Gen X Fashion Trends


Obviously, fashion works in cycles. I had this realization when I started scouring my mom’s closet for old band t-shirts when I was in high school. I found a ’70s-era Willie Nelson t-shirt and paired it with my bellbottom jeans. Add to that my Skechers and a choker, and I was super fashionable. Okay, maybe not, but it felt right at the time.

Yep, we were wearing bell bottoms in the ’90s, which were all the rage during our parents’ heyday in the ‘60s/’70s. And, guess what’s come back around again? (It’s not skinny jeans.) In fact, Gen Z has proclaimed that skinny jeans are out and wide-legged pants are back in. Yep, the generation that spawned Gen Z is now getting a taste of their own medicine. And, that’s how it goes, right?

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However, Gen X can still partake in the reemerging trends from our youth. But, we also don’t have to rock crop tops or space buns. (For the record, though, we do think space buns are super cute.) Below are some Insta-worthy fashion-forward ladies to take some inspiration for your next ’90s party (or just daily life.)

Combat Boots

Channel your inner Daria and scoop up a pair of combat boots. These boots look great paired with skinny jeans, pleather shorts, and even mom jeans.

Combat boots can be an everyday shoe option. Especially as we enter the fall season.


We’re into a simple vest paired with comfy-looking wide-legged pants. Add a Dior saddle bag and we’re in love.

If you can find a faux fur vest similar to the one above, you’ll be fashionable and warm.

Slip Dress

If you’re nervous about wearing a slip dress, we understand. You can always throw on a blazer over it for a more structured look.

We love a long slip dress for a more formal occasion.

Flannel Shirt

Did flannel ever really go out of style? We love the options of wearing this longer flannel shirt as a dress or as a jacket.

A layered look is essential when transitioning seasons.

Chunky Shoes

This whole look is a vibe. Love these neutral chunky boots, though.

These strappy, chunky heels paired with a midi-length skirt are giving us happy vibes.

Shag Haircut

The shaggy look is back and this edgier cut is perfect for those with thinner hair.

Loving this softer shag. The bangs and color are stellar too.

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