How to take care of a senior cat?


Cats lose abilities once they reach old age. If you have a cat, you must learn to recognise when this time has come and make some changes. The first change is in what your cat eats. In old age, a cat needs hypoallergenic cat food to help its tired digestive system process what it eats. Only this type of food provides the nutrients your senior cat needs without causing stomach aches or more problems such as diarrhoea or allergies. If your old cat becomes ill, your doctor will likely recommend feeding it hypoallergenic wet cat food because manufacturers moistened it with liquids that make chewing the food easier and help your cat swallow it more easily. Aside from the food, double-check that your cat maintains constant physical and mental activity.

Keep your cat from getting depressed

Imagine you want to do something, but you find you can’t. Your cat can have the same experience. Your cat feels the same frustration when it wants to climb those high places your cat loves, but its paws no longer have the strength to propel it upwards, as they did a few years ago. To prevent your cat from getting depressed, make it easier to get to the places it likes. Place wide wooden ramps with fabric so it will be easier for its claws to grip. Don’t hang its toys as high as you used to – a couple of centimetres off the ground will do. If your cat is used to climbing on your bed, help your cat do so or set up a ramp. To keep its mind sharp, hide treats in different parts of the house, and let it sniff them out. Again, hide them in places your cat can easily access.

Ask your vet for support

Your vet is the only one who can show you when your cat is entering his senior years. Diseases such as arthritis can appear and bother your cat without you realising it. Ask your vet to help you identify the signs that your cat is in pain. Gait, unwillingness to eat, too much time sleeping, or too little interest in play are some signs that something is wrong with your cat. It’s also essential that your trusted veterinarian schedule two annual medical visits to monitor your cat’s physical and mental changes. Your favourite feline’s senior years can be more manageable with your support. Staying vigilant is crucial to avoid complications that may result in higher expenses.

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