How To Tweak Your Makeup Application After 40 For A Changing Face

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Our appearance changes as we get older. Skin loses some of its collagen and elasticity. Wrinkles appear where there used to be none, and even our facial muscles start to weaken. This can all translate to makeup not looking as great on our skin as it used to.

While updating what products we use can make a big difference, it turns out application methods are just as important to tweak as we age. We do get it, though. Sometimes we stick with what we know about makeup because it’s how we learned. But, we can always learn new things, and luckily we have a guide to help us.

Recently Erica Taylor (@ericataylor2347) made a reel about the “Dos and Don’ts” of makeup application for those over 40, and she may very well be on to something.

Contouring An Over 40 Face

Taylor starts the reel by using a contouring example. In her “don’t” application she applies the contour stick underneath her cheekbone. In the “do” application she applies it on top of her cheekbone. She blends it out and then pointing to the correct application says, “lifted,” and then “hollowed,” while pointing to the other side. And you can see a difference between the two sides.

Later in the video, Taylor contours her nose. In her “don’t” application she applies the contour too wide, making her nose look larger. Next, she demonstrates applying the contour closer together to give the impression of a more narrow bridge.

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Lastly, when it comes to the jawline, Taylor advises avoiding a harsh line when applying bronzer. Instead, a gentle application will result in a more “feminine” appearance.

Blush Application

Transitioning from a powder blush to a cream blush is recommended for aging skin. In the “don’t” application, Taylor smiles and puts her blush on the “apples” of her cheeks, like we’ve all been taught to do. Then, she demonstrates on the other side of her face, the “do” technique. She applies the cream blush higher on the apple of her cheek, giving it a more lifted look. Pointing to the “don’t” side she notes, “Your apple can fall from your tree.”

Lip Liner

Using Trish McEvoy Barely There lipliner, Taylor then demonstrates the correct and incorrect way to line your lips. She says lining your lips all the way around can give the appearance of a downturned mouth. However, she has a fix. Line the top of your lip normally, but then, when you line the bottom lip, stop before you reach the corner of your mouth. This will give the appearance of a “happier, more youthful” look.

It can be hard to break old habits, but learning new tricks is definitely worth it! Thank god for the Erica Taylor’s of the world who will help walk us through it.

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