How Upcoming Producer And Rapper Cyrus Azarmy Is Taking Over The Music Industry


A singer-songwriter, rapper, music producer, engineer and businessman as well, Azarmy is an Iranian professional who moved to the US to reach new horizons. He has extensive expertise in a variety of industries and now loves working in the music industry where he combines Iranian influences into English tracks! 

The Multi-Talented Cyrus Azarmy

Mehdi Azarmy, professionally known as Cyrus Azarmy, founded the Land Topography Corp. where he also serves as the CEO. While in Iran, he worked as a consulting engineer and licensed land surveyor. But since moving to the US, he has been pursuing his career as a full-time artist – singing, composing, and producing many songs while gaining a massive fan following on the way.

Cyrus is receiving a lot of attention and is genuinely inspiring hundreds of people with his incredible music. Till now, he has released three singles and has produced an album by AliAlmas. He is currently working on two single songs and an album, which was initially planned to be an EP but with 8 or 9 tracks on the record, is most likely going to be released as an LP. While some of his songs are fun and lighthearted, others discuss social problems and the current situation of Iran, a well-balanced mix his fans love to tune in to.

Connection With the Roots

By including the Iranian issues in his song, Cyrus has maintained a connection to his heritage, never forgetting where he’s come from. He’s not only gained popularity in the US but is also quite well-known in Iran, where he maintains his network of artists and producers. Staying in touch with his roots has allowed Azarmy to create a fusion of music with Iranian and American sounds, producing something that’s truly unique in its own way. He’s completely outdone himself and has motivated hundreds of people in the process!

Cyrus Azarmy is an incredibly gifted artist with a wide range of talents and has produced some truly outstanding work during such a short period. He has gained national attention for his inspirational work. Many aspiring young musicians have been motivated by him to join the field. It’s astonishing that he has attained this level of accomplishment, and what’s most lovely about it is that he did it all by himself.

For anyone who hasn’t given his music a listen, you’re guaranteed to love it! His diverse background and experience have allowed him to create music that has something for just about everyone. And with his new track under Mostanad Label, ‘50MM’ available now on RadioJavan, it’s the perfect time to give him a listen. Over 32000 people have played it already so you know it’s about to become the next big hit! Keep your eyes out for another track about to be released soon called ‘Parvaneh’, which isn’t just rap but also about celebrating people that work hard and do good.


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