How You Can Watch Alex Trebek’s Very First ‘Jeopardy!’ Episode

There have been well over 8500 episodes of Jeopardy!. If only there were a way you could watch Jeopardy! all the time! Well, thanks to one streaming platform, you can. Here’s how you can watch old episodes of Jeopardy! whenever you want.

‘Jeopardy!’ And Its Archive

While Jeopardy! was created in 1964, precious few episodes still exist from before 1984. That’s when Alex Trebek became the host of the syndicated version. NBC did a lackluster job preserving its shows in the sixties and seventies, so only a few stray clips and episodes have survived. If you’re a devoted fan of Art Fleming, there’s not much we can do for you.

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Until now, reruns of Jeopardy! were hard to come by. The Game Show Network has a few episodes in its archives, but only a few. The J! Archive, a remarkable source of statistics studied by many Jeopardy! champions, contains records from every show since 1984. Studying a record is very different from actually watching the show. There has to be a better way.

Finally Streaming

A dedicated Jeopardy! channel has launched on Pluto TV. It’s debuting alongside a Wheel of Fortune station. There’s also a dedicated Price Is Right station with only Bob Barker episodes.

Pluto TV launched in 2013 before being snapped up by paramount in 2019. It’s free with ads, and has both a live stream and on-demand options. You can search for Jeopardy! and explore its content library.

You can also browse the interesting catalog Pluto has on offer. Hit series like NCIS, Cops, and Walker Texas Ranger have episodes available. It’s got movies too, including Hitch and Transformers.

What’s Available

It must be noted: this is not a complete library but it’s the best official library you’re liable to find. It features a handful of episodes from Trebek’s first 33 seasons on the air, including his very first episode on September 10, 1984. You can check out his glorious mustache and the original set to your heart’s content.

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The selection of episodes contains just about every season premiere. You can stream nearly every episode from 2012 to 2015 as well, but older episodes are harder to come by. Currently, there’s one episode from Ken Jennings’ legendary streak and nothing from James Holzhauer. Even still, having the option of popping on endless Jeopardy! is a boon for humanity.

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