‘I Will Turn Up with Justice’ – A Mother’s Fight for Her Daughter’s Justice


Carrying a child for 9 months, feeling sick and nauseous constantly, adjusting to your changing body, and trying to avoid worrying about your child’s future in a nasty world isn’t easy. Having a child changes your life in ways you can’t fathom, and the worst fear of any parent is seeing the little flower they raised to adulthood being hurt and left broken.

That’s what Kelly Cruse, the author of ‘I Will Turn Up with Justice’ went through.

Having her daughter Rose wasn’t easy, or raising her as primarily a single parent. Kelly’s delivery had to be delayed by a couple of weeks and the contractions controlled because it was too early for her daughter to be born yet. And at 24 years old, it was too early for her daughter to leave.

Rose was raised with as much love and care as her parents could give her. She was protected and kept safe at every stage of life, away from harm’s way. But her ex-boyfriend changed that. The father of her children is who took her away from parents that adored her and children that needed her.

What The Book Is About

That’s what Cruse is fighting for. In her book, she talks about just how special Rose was and how easily she was taken away from her. From uncooperative police officers to a flawed justice system, Cruse is fighting for what’s right. She covers the life her beautiful daughter lived, how resilient she was, and the abuse she went through by her ex-boyfriend who eventually took her life.

And all of that was ruled a suicide. But Rose would’ve never killed herself. She loved her children too much, she had too much to live for. She was a promising young girl who wanted to be a good mother, daughter, and partner. And she was.

When Kelly found bruises and a gunshot wound on the body of her daughter, coming to the conclusion wasn’t difficult. But the police disagreed to see the obvious and now Kelly Cruse is raising awareness with her book.  Discussing every little detail of the murder of Rose Cruse, a loved daughter and mother of two children, you can be a part of bringing justice to Rose. The book contains all of the answers and convincing evidence to her murder, making it a must-read for anyone who wants to know the truth.

How To Read The Book Now

The pain that a parent should never have to go through, the death of their own child, is something unimaginable. And no loving parent can ever move on from that pain. This book isn’t something you read on the weekend when you have some free time, but it’s a book that uncovers the darkness of the world, how low-income minority families are treated, how women are treated, and how easily their stories are pushed aside to be forgotten.

Set to be released in 2022 on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Nobles, ‘I Will Turn Up with Justice’ is a compelling read!


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