Industry Gossip Says CNN Apparently Put Anderson Cooper On The Chopping Block

Is CNN kicking Anderson Cooper to the curb? One tabloid claims the veteran anchor may be out of a job soon. Let’s dive into the latest network gossip.

‘Scandal-Plagued’ CNN ‘In Crisis’?

This week, the National Enquirer reports CNN is at an all-time low for employee morale. As the network adjusts to the leadership of new head-honcho Chris Licht, sources spill that some big names are in jeopardy of being axed. Apparently, the network is trying to move away from opinion pieces and display more straightforward, unbiased reporting. But the tipster reveals that some of the network’s stronger personalities aren’t going to make the cut.

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“Most people, especially Don Lemon, who is a drama queen, are very concerned,” an insider dishes. But surprisingly, sources say it’s actually Anderson Cooper that may be one of the first to go. “Anderson Cooper is a privileged white, middle-aged man who’s not going to find work at super-woke MSNBC, either,” the tipster charges. “Being gay is no longer enough to make Anderson cool, they don’t want to give a platform to the views of another white man who was brought up in wealth and privilege.”

Anderson Cooper Being Pushed Out Of CNN?

Here’s the thing: CNN’s ratings are dropping fast, and people are noticing. We can’t say how the network is coping with the drop in viewership, but we doubt they’re scrambling to fire all white people from their network. It should go without saying, but that’s not how any network makes decisions. Cooper likely isn’t in danger. Since the reporter is still one of the most recognizable faces in network news, we seriously doubt he has much reason to worry.

Furthermore, the outlet’s logic just doesn’t compute. First, the tabloid claims the network is steering away from “left-leaning coverage.” But then, it claims that CNN is also trying to be so progressive that it wants an all-person-of-color lineup. These two ideas just don’t mesh. And that’s because the magazine was trying to blend fact and fiction. Yes, CNN is trying to market itself to a wider audience. But, no, Anderson Cooper isn’t on the chopping block.

More Network Gossip From The Tabloid

This is far from the first time that the National Enquirer missed the mark on a story about CNN. Earlier this year, the outlet reported CNN was warning Cooper that his job was at risk. Then the magazine claimed Brian Stelter was paranoid he was going to be fired. And more recently, the publication alleged Anderson Cooper was on the outs with Chris Licht. Obviously, the Enquirer isn’t actually on-the-know when it comes to CNN.

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