Inside Chad Michael Murray’s Sweet Marriage To Sarah Roemer


Audiences came to know actor Chad Michael Murray from successful films like Freaky Friday (2003) and the TV show One Tree Hill (2003). He was certainly a teenage heartthrob, but he has become quite the family man.

In 2015, Murray told E! News that he prefers to keep his family life out of sight most of the time. “I’m a romantic,” Murray confided. “I’m a family guy. I want that core. I tend to keep everything quiet. I love my life. That’s the part that I keep for myself.”

While Murray stays mostly tight-lipped about his marriage and kids, there is some information out there. Here’s everything we know about Murray’s wife, Sarah Roemer, as well as his past marriage to his One Tree Hill co-star, Sophia Bush.

He’s Married To Actress Sarah Roemer

Who Is Sarah Roemer?

Roemer is an actress and model from San Diego, California, who has modeled for GQ, Cosmopolitan, and Self, among others. As an actress, she’s best known for movies like Disturbia (2007) and TV series like The Event (2010-2011) and Chosen (2013-2014).

Here’s Everything We Know About Their Relationship

Murray and Roemer both starred in Crackle’s Chosen. They began dating in 2014. In 2015, Murray’s rep confirmed to ABC News that the couple was expecting their first child. Their son was born that year, and they had a daughter in 2017.

They’re not shy posting about each other and their family on Instagram, although they don’t show their children’s faces.

He Previously Wed One Tree Hill Co-Star Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush (L) in cream gown standing next to Chad Michael Murray, who is wearing a blue dress shirt and blazer
Murray (R) and Bush appear on the red carpet together in April 2005. (Matthew Simmons/Getty Images)

Murray and Bush got engaged in May 2004 and married on April 16, 2005. They separated in September 2005. As reported by People, Bush issued a statement that said, “This is a difficult and unfortunate situation. I am glad this is being resolved sooner rather than later.”

Their marriage ended with some controversy when Bush attempted to have it annulled. In documents filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court, Bush claimed fraud was the reason for her request, but in this context, fraud can be tough to prove in a court of law.

A friend of Bush’s told People, “Sophia went into the marriage believing in the sanctity of marriage, and Chad simply did not share that vision.”

Bush’s request for an annulment was ultimately denied. The couple was, however, granted a divorce in 2006.

The Former Lovers Have Exchanged Some Shade About Their Marriage

There was some unpleasant back-and-forth between Murray and Bush regarding the reason they got married. Bush has said she felt pressured to marry Murray. In a 2018 interview on Andy Cohen’s radio show, Radio Andy, she said of the marriage, “It was not a thing I actually really wanted to do.”

Cohen wondered how she could have been leaned upon to tie the knot with Murray. She replied, “Because how do you let everybody down? And how do you, what’s the fight? And when you have bosses telling you that you’re the only person who gets a person to work on time and 200 people either get to either see their kids at night or they don’t because our days start on time?”

Murray disputed Bush’s take on their nuptials. His rep called her comments “ludicrous,” adding that Murray would only wed someone for love.

Bush followed up her observations with this clarification and apology:

As for Roemer, she addressed the skirmish between Bush and Murray with a little pointed humor. She posted a since-deleted meme on Instagram that said, “Wait a second… my producers also made me marry Chad Michael Murray!”

The caption said, “#doitforthecrew #ikid #ilovemyhusband #familyman #IwanttobeChadwhenIgrowup #13yearslater #iwishpeaceandloveforall.”

It looks like everything has worked out very well for Chad Michael Murray, particularly in terms of his romantic life. He’s with the woman he loves, they seem to be devoted to each other, and their young family is thriving. Any drama with Murray’s ex, Sophia Bush, is now firmly in the past.


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