Investigating The Gossip About Hoda Kotb Supposedly Feuding With Co-Hosts At ‘Today’ And Rumored Tension Behind The Scenes


Is there drama on the set of Today? Rumors are popping up left and right about Hoda Kotb facing conflict from her co-hosts about who can be the top dog. Let’s look back on some rumors and see what’s really going on.

Jenna Bush Hager Making Moves

Per the National Enquirer, Jenna Bush Hager is ready to step out of Kotb and Guthrie’s shadow. The former first daughter supposedly has dreams of controlling Today. “Jenna may pretend to be best friends with Hoda and Savannah, but people around her say it’s all an act and behind the scenes, she’s cutthroat as hell and doesn’t like either one of them,” an insider said. She’s apparently been hoping Kotb retires so she can oust Guthrie and rule the show.

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In reality, Today doesn’t really have this kind of reputation. It’s not The View or The Talk where drama is a central part of the appeal. Hager has teared up in interviews discussing how important Kotb has been to her career, so we seriously doubt she wants her gone. They’re all friends.

Getting Hoda Kotb Out

Once again, the Enquirer claimed there was drama on the set. This time, Guthrie and Hager were apparently teaming up to get Kotb off Today. A source claimed that Kotb was trying to get Kathie Lee Gifford to come back, and her co-hosts were having none of it. The spy revealed, “There was no way Savannah was going to let Kathie Lee back to team up with Hoda against her!” Guthrie instead wanted Nicolle Wallace to join the show as soon as Kotb leaves, they concluded.

Talk about desperate. The co-anchors regularly talk about how meaningful it is to sit beside one another as working mothers. Just check any of their Instagram pages for kind messages and positive vibes. There was zero evidence in this story to begin with, so we debunked it.

Savannah Guthrie Feels The Tension

According to Us Weekly, Guthrie and Kotb were feeling annoyed by one another, although not to the degree that the other outlets promised. An insider said, “Savannah and Hoda are so close, they’re like family … Yes, they get annoyed with each other sometimes, just like family members do.” The outlet cited awkward moments off the set but made it known there was no deep bad blood.

The tabloid went so far as to say Guthrie and Kotb would snap at one another. We didn’t buy that. This was a far more conservative story in terms of playing up drama, but it all sounded made up anyway. There’s no sign of any digs or snaps to be found, so this story should be disregarded with the rest of the ones about “tension” on the set.


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