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Retail expertise and footfall data from Ipsos Retail Performance has featured in the media in February.

A round up of media coverage is below.

City AM – 8 February 2022

The latest weekly data from Ipsos was featured in City AM as footfall fell 1.3 per cent week-on-week in London and the South East, and down 29 per cent on the same period in 2019.

City AM – 1 February 2022

Weekly footfall data from the week commencing 24 January featured in the print edition of City AM as national footfall dropped slightly by 0.3 per cent week on week and -20.9% against 2019.


The RTI, published by Ipsos, is regarded as the national benchmark for retail footfall in the UK. Unlike other footfall analysis, it is considered to be the only true measure of retail footfall, drawing exclusively on people entering stores rather than a hybrid of people movements in shopping centres, walking down high streets, commuting to work or office workers.

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