Is It More Effective To Consume CBD Oil And Antibiotics Together?


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New health benefits of CBD are being revealed with more studies on hemp-derived products. Different therapeutic benefits are offered by CBD products and a lot of people are currently using CBD for managing symptoms of different diseases and to improve their life quality. It is common to see people using CBD for sleep disorders, inflammation, mood swings, etc.

Antibiotics are medications that are used by many people for bacterial diseases. They are prescribed mainly to prevent or treat bacterial infections. Antibiotics were a revolutionary invention as they helped to save a lot of lives. Many diseases that were once incurable can now be treated with antibiotics.

In this article, we are discussing whether we can use CBD and antibiotics together for increased efficiency. Can CBD interact with antibiotics and cause side effects that can harm the human body? Read below to find out more about these.

Many studies have indicated that CBD has antimicrobial properties and CBD could help to fight infections. Note that the complete mechanism of CBD that provides antimicrobial benefits is still not understood.  Some studies mentioned that CBD might help to fight against some conventional treatment-resistant bacteria. A group of researchers also studied the interaction of CBD and THC with pathogenic bacteria.

Six different strains of the antibiotic-resistant super bacteria named MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) were tested with each of the cannabinoids in the hemp plant including CBD. Against every MRSA bacterial strain, all cannabinoids showed enhanced action. The study came to the conclusion that CBD might be useful in combating one of the most drug-resistant bacteria known to the medical field.

Both antibiotics and CBD oil help your body to fight infection through different molecular pathways.

Different antibiotics have different ways of attacking bacteria, but they all have the same general purpose: to eliminate the components of bacterial cells that don’t exist in human cells. This approach of antibiotics can kill the target bacteria responsible for your illness but antibiotics may also kill healthy bacteria in your body.

As we mentioned earlier, CBD is found effective in killing bacteria that are resistant to conventional treatment methods. Researchers claim that CBD does not harm the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut.

So, combining antibiotics and CBD oil in correct dosages might help you to effectively deal with a bacterial infection in your body.

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