Is LYMA Worth It? A Look At This Revolutionary At-Home Laser Treatment


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Countless products and treatments promise to turn back the clock on our skin, diminishing normal—but nonetheless irksome—signs of aging. They promise to reduce wrinkles and discoloration, add firmness, and reverse sun damage. But most of them only deliver on half their promises, if that. 

Our skin ages in two ways: internally and externally. Thus, the most effective skincare treatment needs to target both. Most products on the market focus on external signs alone. LYMA is here to change that.

Using proprietary laser technology, LYMA has developed a way to treat both internal and external signs of aging simultaneously. It might not be able to send yo

u back in time 15 years, but your skin will look as though it did.

The LYMA Approach To Aging

The LYMA Laser is a small, handheld device that uses near-infrared invisible low-level laser light. Medical professionals use this therapy for cellular regeneration, such as rebuilding cartilage or healing tendons. The LYMA Laser operates at 500mW power at a wavelength of 808nm, enabling it to penetrate down to the muscle tissue.

While powerful, the LYMA Laser is completely safe to use at home. You also don’t need to wear goggles like in other medical treatments, thanks to two patented internal diffusers that fragment the near-infrared light into 25,000 smaller beams. This makes the LYMA Laser cold and painless to the touch. You can even use it safely on your eyelids.

The LYMA Laser is 100x more effective than LED therapy because it can address all causes of aging at once. Internally, the laser reaches deep into the base layer of the dermis. There, light energy signals the cells to recharge, regenerate, and repair.

Externally, that same light energy tells existing skin cells on the outer dermis to produce more proteins to fight free radicals. With fewer free radicals destroying healthy skin cells, the skin can replenish its collagen and elastin.

How To Use The LYMA Laser

Using the LYMA Laser is incredibly simple—so simple, in fact, you can use this highly effective skin treatment while watching TV, reading a book, or even lying in bed. The small device is about the shape and size of a medium-sized flashlight and emits no heat or noise.

To use the laser, start by gently cleansing the face. Then place the device directly over the area you want to target—around the eyes, jawline, forehead, décolletage, or on different areas of the body. You don’t need to apply pressure with the LYMA Laser; it just needs to be directly touching the skin during treatment. 

LYMA’s website recommends holding the device over each section of targeted skin for a minimum of three minutes a day. It also suggests using an oxygenating LYMA Active Mist and LYMA Priming Serum, though these two products are optional.

Unlike other skin treatments, the LYMA Laser doesn’t work by damaging the skin to kickstart cellular regeneration. That means there’s no sensitivity or downtime to consider while using this gentle, non-abrasive treatment.

Turn Back The Clock With LYMA

Because the LYMA Laser works at the cellular level, it takes some time to notice visible results. Improvements in wrinkles, discoloration, and sun damage can be seen in as little as 12 weeks, with results improving over continued use. 

Before and after photo of woman

The picture above is a testimonial on LYMA’s site from a customer who used the LYMA Laser for 45 minutes daily over a period of three months.

Professional laser treatments can be abrasive, which can damage thinner menopausal skin. Moreover, they can cost upwards of $3,000—not including repeat visits. With the LYMA laser, a one-time payment gets you years of at-home treatments. And LYMA backs up its products with a two-year warranty.

Stop wasting your time (and money) with products that don’t target the root causes of aging. LYMA’s laser technology works at the cellular level to promote regeneration, rejuvenation, and all-around brighter, firmer, and more radiant skin. It’s no time machine, but it’s pretty close.

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