Is Masturbation Healthy? Yes! Especially At Work

Is masturbation healthy? Absolutely masturbation is healthy. 

Yes, you heard us right. Masturbation is healthy. Not sinful, shameful nor something to feel squeamish about, masturbation is an act of natural self care that has numerous benefits to both your physical health and mental health. Not too long ago, this normal self care routine was seen as something to hide. But thankfully today it’s being seen for the standard practice that it is, encouraged and celebrated. In fact, it’s so important for our health that alternative adult platforms like Lust Cinema are working overtime to end the stigma around masturbation and encourage people to embrace themselves and their pleasure. While they do this in many ways – from ethical pornography, to creator empowerment and even medically-guided tips and tricks – the biggest way  Lust Cinema has shown that they are out and proud in their support of self-love is through their masturbation at work initiative. 

You see, they believe (and we agree), that the first step toward de-stigmatizing masturbation is to make time for it in our everyday schedules. So, every day during work hours, Lust Cinema CEO Erika Lust provides her employees a 30-minute break to masturbate. Is masturbation healthy? Yes, especially at work!

In championing the cause to not only destigmatize masturbation, but encourage it as the much-needed self-care it is, Lust Cinema offices have their very own “masturbation station” allowing those that work out of the home the same rights and access to this physically and mentally beneficial natural pastime. They do this because they believe that their employees deserve to feel their best and be their best at work and at home. And they think you deserve that same right too. 

To encourage this culture shift that prioritizes the natural self and natural health, Erika Lust has created Lust Cinema’s masturbation category that helps to inspire you at work and at home with curated masturbation content guides. When searching “is masturbation healthy,” you can view the content others are benefitting from on Lust Cinema and discover what they are watching for yourself. To get you started, here are four Lust Cinema movies we recommend masturbating to: 

Lust Cinema offices have their very own masturbation station, a small, intimate chapel with a bed, a big mirror, erotic paintings on the walls, and a dim, warm light to help get them into the mood. This private, clean and spacious space allows both men and women that work the same rights and access to this physically and mentally beneficial natural pastime. For those with vaginas, the ability to masturbate at work comfortably has been almost impossible, but now, thanks to Lust Cinema’s revolutionary new initiative, women can masturbate at work now too. 

Yes, you read that right. 

(Hey guys who keep asking us “do women actually masturbate?” Yes, they do. And badass female bosses encourage it!)

If you work for a company like Lust Cinema, you can answer the question “is masturbation healthy” for yourself by booking your space in the masturbation station, vibe out, decompress, and come back to the problem at hand with a renewed sense of clarity and patience. If you don’t work for Lust Cinema (check them out at for current openings…or roles), you can take a look at their masturbation at work perk explainer online for ideas on how you could make this a reality in your professional life as well. 

(I mean, think about it. How many times have you been flustered at work? Don’t you wish there was a healthy way to calm yourself down, regulate your blood pressure and get that breathing steady? Well, there is! And it’s free. And you already have all the parts you need 😉 Masturbation at work can solve so many problems, leaving you the clear head and happy body to tackle the professional challenges that may come your way on any given day. )

Too stressed to fully function and one annoying email away from replying all? It happens all the time, especially when compiled with all the outside stressors of adult responsibility. This is why masturbation at work is so important, and why we think it’s incredible that Erika Lust has championed self care in the form of masturbation at her company. 

But why is masturbation so important, you ask? You must be curious if you’re wondering is masturbation healthy!

Masturbation promotes a more peaceful workspace, encourages self-care,, and helps you be your best self in the most natural way possible. Aggravation be damned! The abundant benefits to masturbation are exactly why Lust Cinema has made employee mental health a priority. 

Is masturbation healthy? The benefits of masturbation:

  • Masturbation releases endorphins. Endorphins flood the body with a sense of physical and mental well-being. Simply put, it makes you happy.
  • Masturbation helps you regulate your breathing, calming the nervous system and lowering blood pressure. 
  • Masturbation boosts immunity, supporting you in your endeavor to not catch that office cold this year. 
  • Masturbation reduces stress in both the short term and the long term. 
  • Masturbation enhances self-esteem and confidence, helping prepare you for work’s toughest challenges. 
  • Masturbation helps connect your mind and body. 
  • Masturbation promotes healthy sleep patterns, resulting in a better quality of life overall. 
    • This may make you wonder, does masturbation make you tired? While masturbation doesn’t make you tired inherently, it does help reduce stress levels making you able to relax at the end of the work day much quicker than your other, masturbation-less peers. Work-life balance is important! Don’t let your precious off time be taken over by trying to forget the work day, masturbate at work and get that blood pressure lowered in advance. 
  • Masturbation relaxes you. 
  • Masturbation centers you and helps bring clarity to what’s important in your life.
  • Masturbation can lower your risk of prostate cancer, increasing your longevity and health. 

If you are wondering if masturbation is healthy? Hopefully, the above shows you that yes, it is healthy to masturbate every day. 

How often is it healthy to masturbate? That’s up to you. 

It’s time to normalize self-pleasure and encourage it as self-care. Masturbating means wellness just as much as a healthy lunch or a work-subsidized gym membership. The correlation between good health and masturbation is recognized in the wellness industry, and it’s now being recognized by the adult industry as well. As supporters of sexual health and personal freedoms, Lust Cinema was built on a mission to encourage healthy and beneficial pleasure for all, so it’s a natural step for them to introduce and encourage masturbation at work. 

Beyond champions of sexual health, Lust Cinema is a premium adult studio made by acclaimed adult filmmaker Erika Lust. Home to the Lust Cinema Originals, you can find  plot-driven, feature-length adult movies and series starring popular adult performers, made by Erika Lust and industry favorite adult directors at

Whether you’re embracing the benefits of masturbation at work or at home, as a member of Lust Cinema, you can get up close and personal with your favorite performers and directors with video interviews and learn more about your favorite adult movies by watching exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. 

Give yourself the gift of the whole self-health and check out today! You may not be able to masturbate at work just yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t practice! 

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