Is Meg Ryan Retired? Why She’s Rarely Seen These Days

Meg Ryan was a staple in blockbuster hits from the 1980s and 1990s. The award-winning actress-turned-director was on quite the roll with hit roles until she surprisingly disappeared from the big screen. Where exactly is Ryan after all these years?

‘I’ll Have What She’s Having’

Ryan, famed for her roles in many romantic comedies including Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail, was one of the best-known Hollywood actresses during her prime. She made hit after comedy hit and seemed to only be able to put out blockbusters. However, the actress famous for the diner scene in When Harry Met Sally eventually took a break from her rom-com roles. At that point, many fans decided to not have what she’s having.

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Although she had roles in dramatic movies in the 1990s, the biggest shift for the actress happened a few years later. In 2003, Ryan starred in the erotic thriller In the Cut. The movie was a bust with both critics and the box office. The following year, she put out Against the Ropes. The movie did terribly at the box office, but it may have been even worse for Ryan. The role won “Worst Actress” and “Worst Fake Accent” from the Stinkers Bad Movies Awards. Those awards are a far cry from her previous American Comedy Award and Blockbuster Entertainment Award.

Meg Ryan: Burning Bright To Burning Out

After having a few flops, Ryan made a bold move. She stepped out of the spotlight and into a quieter life. As she told The New York Times in a 2019 interview, ”I wasn’t as curious about acting as I was about other things that life can give you. I wanted to live more.” Later in the interview, Ryan also admitted to being done with Hollywood. “I was burned out,” the comedic actress explained. “I didn’t feel like I knew enough anymore about myself or the world to reflect it as an actor. I felt isolated.”

Ryan decided to live more by spending more time with her children, Jack Quaid and Daisy True Ryan. She also tried her hand at directing in 2015. She directed and starred in the dramatic movie Ithaca, a film based on the 1943 novel The Human Comedy

As Meg Ryan continues to live a quieter life, she is open to working on more projects. In fact, Netflix announced earlier this year that she is set to direct an upcoming movie. The film, A Lady’s Guide to Selling Out, will be the second time Ryan sits in the director’s chair. Who knows? Directing this new romantic comedy may be Ryan’s comeback. Regardless, it’s always a delight to see her work.

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