Is There Really An Exodus Of People Leaving California?


California has no shortage of beautiful places to see, both natural and man-made. To several residents, however, living in California is no longer the same. There’s been a growing number of people bidding goodbye to the Golden State.

Find out why there’s currently an exodus of people leaving California.

Why There’s An Exodus Of People Leaving California

COVID-19 was the biggest catalyst of the ongoing Californian exodus. It impacted both the rich and (especially) the poor. What’s worse is it magnified the issues below. 

  • California’s Tax Crisis

California, by default (and when compared to other states), already has high tax rates. Unfortunately, the pandemic affected its residents so terribly that the unemployment rate only grew higher. California has a state sales tax rate of 7.25% as well as a mandatory local rate of 1.25%. Moreover, gas prices also keep on increasing; the average gas price in California is $5.40 per gallon.

Those who are still recovering from the pandemic simply cannot afford to keep up with the cost of living in California.

  • Growing Number Of Homelessness

Out of every state, California has the highest number of homeless people. Multiple factors contribute to it.

Such as these:

  1. The average median price for a house in the USA costs $428,000 but in California, it’s over $800,000. Furthermore, the average rent in the state would cost you $2,800 instead of the average $1,600.
  2. NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) residents also strongly oppose new housing projects to preserve their hometown neighborhood’s character and appeal. Therefore, there are not enough homes to cater to new residents.
  3. Immigrants face discrimination and backlash. They’re also the subject of hate crimes; this leaves them with fewer work opportunities.
  4. A lot of California residents, like residents from other states, suffer from drug addiction or mental illness— but they don’t always have access to treatment. When haunted by conditions like this, victims tend to prioritize their quick fix instead of what’s important.

The rise of controversial topics over the years left many Californians divided and threatened. The death of George Floyd triggered protests in Los Angeles County and this started the rise of the “Black Lives Matter” movement that turned activism into riots in California. Many simply just don’t want to get involved as it compromises their security.

Wildfires also plague California every year. Given the country’s economic status, rebuilding houses and infrastructures are now more difficult. Thus, many opt to start anew elsewhere.

In Total

The overall social and economic problems seem to be the causes of the exodus of people leaving California. Thankfully, the Golden State’s resilience and concern for the community always cater to the welfare of the ones without a home and the rebuilding of the homes devastated by tragedies like wildfire or the pandemic.

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