Is this Sex Simulation Game Worth the Money?


Everyone has had a fantasy at one time or another: the idea of designing your perfect sex partner on a sex emulator though? Every aspect of how they look would be to your liking, and they would share your every fetish.

Sounds good, but that is just a fantasy, right? Not necessarily — not if you use, anyway.

Sex Emulator is an online sex simulator that allows you to create and ‘play’ with your perfect partner, among other things. 

That sounds good — but it also sounds like something that could potentially get old fast. Is there more to Sex Emulator, or is it a one-trick pony?  I took the 2 day free trial to see if the game is worth it, read my Sex Emulator review below to find out.

Things to Consider Before Trying a Sex Simulator like SexEmulator

It seems like there are thousands of adult games websites out there, and they all cater to different interests. You could spend months trying them all before finding one you like.

Spending that amount of time is obviously not very realistic, assuming you have a job or a family or any outside interests whatsoever. So, you will need to be discerning about which ones you sign up for today.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when making your decision:

  • Is there enough variety to keep you coming back?
  • Is the gameplay worthy of your time?
  • Does it offer anything besides games?
  • Does it provide good value for the price?

If you are someone who likes variety and wants their porn to be more interactive than just sitting there watching, a high-quality sex games website like Sex Emulator is a smart choice.

Does Sex Emulator check any of those boxes? I decided to find out for myself, and I will go over my answers in more detail in the review below.

Sex Emulator’s Features Reviewed

👍 Pros

  • Over 400 games to choose from
  • Excellent 3-D graphics
  • Gameplay is well-done
  • Includes lots of regular porn videos as well
  • Caters to different kinks
  • Weekly updates

👎 Cons

  • On the pricey side
  • Favors a heterosexual male POV
  • Site has ads even with paid membership

🎟️ Deals

Variety Fetishes During Game Play

There is no point signing up for a website that does not offer you interesting personalized things. A site has to be engaging enough with different material to keep you coming back for more..

The target audience for Sex Emulator is anyone who is into playing sex-based video games, but that is still a pretty wide net. 

Several different fetishes are part of Sex Emulator, such as BDSM, cartoon porn games, hentai games, and more. Each category has a variety of games to choose from as well.

There are over 400 games in their members library. This astronomical amount has a nice mix of parodies (think Grand Fuck Auto or the Hard Knight Rises) and original titles, so you should have plenty of novelty to hold your attention.

SexEmulator does not have games catering to every fetish under the sun, but that is probably a tall order for any website. Most of their stuff is relatively mainstream, so if you have some niche kinks, you may need to look elsewhere.

Also, most of their games have a male-centric point of view, and most are heterosexual-based. There are exceptions, but they are just that — exceptions.

If you are a straight man, you should have a blast, though.

Gameplay Quality: A True Sex Simulator Premium Porn Site

Most porn games are made by amateurs or by studios cranking out low-quality material as fast as possible. This type of rushing is not necessarily an issue if the content is hot enough, but it is always nice to play an enjoyable game and get your rocks off

Not all of Sex Emulator’s games are top-notch, but most of them are excerptionally well-done. The graphics are incredible, which is not surprising, given that is the point of the whole thing. Everything renders in 3-D, so you get to see every jiggle and bulge for in-your-face action.

The gameplay itself is quite engaging, though. The average game is story-based, where you control a protagonist of your choice as they navigate various sexy scenarios.

As you might imagine, each game features several cutscenes, as these offer you the opportunity to take your hands off the keyboard, if you catch my drift.

However, navigating to the cutscenes is almost as much fun, and it requires you to participate. The stories are neither mindless nor superfluous, and every decision you make feels essential.

Now, no one will ever confuse these games with the latest from Rockstar or Blizzard, but for sex simulators, they are quite fantastic.

Other Offerings Full of XXX Sexual Action

You will find more than just games at Sex Emulator. They also have a variety of movies and live cams to choose from as well.

The movie selection is not on par with a dedicated porn site, but they offer over 15,000 videos. That is nothing to sneeze at, and it should take you quite some time to work your way through their entire library.

Likewise, the live cams are pretty fun but not as good as you can find elsewhere. Most people probably are not signing up for Sex Emulator for the cam selection, though.

All in all, their other offerings serve as a nice break when you need one, but nothing to write home about. Again, though, that’s not the site’s point, so it is hard to penalize them too much for this.


You will get a 2-day free trial when you first sign up to explore everything on the site. After that, the price is $39.95 per month.

That approximate is a pretty hefty price tag, and there is no getting around making a payment. However, if porn games are your thing, I feel it is worth paying a premium price to get a top-notch product.

If you have spent any time on other sex game websites, then you know that many of them pad their stats. They will claim to have something like 500+ games, but only a handful are good, and the rest are Flash-based trash.

Sex Emulator is not like that. Each porn game is created with care, and they are all extremely high quality. 

Does that mean you will like all of them? No, of course not — but even the ones you do not enjoy will impress you, and the ones you do enjoy will knock your socks off.

The other stuff they offer — the videos and cams and the like — are a nice bonus as well.

Best of all, though, they update the site weekly. That means that your investment will only get better with time.

If sex games are your favorite way to get off, then you are not likely to find a better site than Sex Emulator.

My Experience with Sex Emulator: I Got to the Final Level!

I admit it, I am a fan of porn game sites. I have always found porn games to be incredibly fun and addictive, so I was excited to give the Sex Emulator free trial a try.

I found out everything above after the fact. I had no idea what to expect the first time I logged on, so when I started designing my ideal woman, I thought that was the entire website.

If the opening game were all the site had to offer, it would still be pretty great. You can design your perfect partner and then watch her do whatever filthy things you enjoy.

Once you enter the members area, though, the real fun begins. 

I got hypnotized by the game and reached the final level. I went through every sex scene, imaginable. It felt like watching multiple porn videos. My jaw dropped once I got to the level where a futuristic Star Wars robot popped on my screen inserting a dildo inside the character. Hot!

Playing a Game

To join the site, you have to give them your credit card information to verify your age and store your billing info. I was a bit nervous about this, but after 2 months i still haven’t been charged or scammed so I can verify it’s safe. I also did some background research and found they are based in Los Angeles, USA which makes most porn games way more legit in my experience.

After that you get access to all the games, plus the video library. To start, I picked a game called “BDSM Discipline” (don’t judge me). 

You play as a young girl who shows up at a mansion in her schoolgirl uniform. You can customize everything about her, from her hair color to her breast size, until she is truly your dream girl.

Once inside, she has to endure spanking, restraints, and a whole lot more. It definitely hits all the high points of the fantasy.

The game has plenty of super-hot cutscenes, so whichever punishments you choose for your character will get carried out in exquisite detail (the sound effects are really something).

There’s enough depth to just this one game to keep me occupied for quite some time, so it made me feel like the high price tag was worth it.

Not Everything is Perfect

One thing I didn’t like, though, is the fact that the site is littered with ads. I’m already paying for the content; why do they need to try to sell me stuff? 

The ads aren’t terribly intrusive — they’re not pop-ups or anything. However, they can still be distracting, and it’s annoying that they exist at all.

You also have to try each game on something of a leap of faith. The site has thumbnails for each game on the main screen, but they don’t give you much information as to what the game will be like.

None of that is a real deal-breaker, though. I’ve played several of the other games besides BDSM Discipline (which is still my favorite), and each one of them is incredibly fun and stimulating.

I’ve spent a lot of time on the site, and it still feels like I’m barely scratching the surface of all that it has to offer. Not everything is my cup of tea, but there’s enough variety that I can find something new that interests me every time I log on.

It’s not perfect, but Sex Emulator is the best sex game website I’ve found yet. It’s worth every penny, as far as I’m concerned.

Sex Emulator Alternatives in Review

While I feel that Sex Emulator is possibly the best adult games website on the planet, it’s far from the only one worthy of a review. Here are a few of my other favorites:

Jerk Dolls

Jerk Dolls is a free online porn game, but it’s a little light on the gameplay. All you do is create your dream girl and have sex with her in various locations. It’s a great way to get your feet wet, and it may be all you need if you’re only looking to get off, but if you value a fascinating story, it might not be right for you.

  • Completely free to play
  • Lots of customization options
  • Gameplay is a little light
  • Good for newbies


If you want to experience MMO adult sex games, AChat is the best of the bunch. Instead of interacting with an AI, AChat allows you to create sex scenes with real people (through an avatar, of course). It creates the possibility of literally endless scenarios, although not all of them are guaranteed to be as safe as those you’d have with a pre-programmed partner.

  • Porn version of an MMO
  • Allows you to interact with real people
  • Endless scenarios
  • Players are not vetted in any way

Coming Out on Top

If you want to play a gay porn simulator with a well-written story, Coming Out on Top is an excellent choice. It places you as a college senior who’s come out of the closet and looking to explore his sexuality. It’s not very hardcore, with more of an emphasis placed on romance, but that helps it stand out even more.

  • Targeted towards gay men
  • Heavy on the romance
  • Very well-written
  • Not as much sex as other simulators

My Sex Emulator Reviews Final Verdict

If you want a break from regular porn but still need something extremely sexy to use in its place, a game like Sex Emulator is the way to go. It has tons of different games to choose from, so you should never get bored, and each one is extremely well-made.

There are a few things I wish they’d cleaned up, like all the ads littering the site, but overall I’ve found that I’m using Sex Emulator in place of regular porn more and more. 

After all, it’s hard to compete with the ability to create your own scenes — and if you do get bored, the site has plenty of regular movies as well. What’s not to love?



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