It’s Time To Clear The Smoke And Mirrors Around This Misunderstood Sign

As Earthlings, we tend to disregard what we don’t understand. While this certainly varies individually, it tends to hold up as a broader generalization. When things get too peculiar, we get out of Dodge—simple. 

But nothing in life ever is that simple. Everything from giant stars to the atoms in our pinky toes is a complex, convoluted creation. There are often several layers to sift through before reaching the most granular level. 

The reputations we glean from the Zodiac are no exception. Like the stars, there is always more to us than meets the eye. 

This is especially true for one mysterious sign in particular.

The Most Mysterious Modality

Fixed modality signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius

Modality refers to a sign’s position within the four seasons. Cardinal signs are at the beginning, fixed ones are in the middle, and mutables sit at the end. On a micro level, these modalities influence our rationale and intentions. 

As the middle connection of their seasons, fixed signs are incredibly self-sufficient. People normally depend on them, not the other way around. And just like their name would suggest, these signs are notoriously stubborn. 

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are all fixed signs. If you don’t understand them, too bad. They don’t need you to and have no desire to help you try.

The Wishy-Washiest Element

Water ruled signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

The four elements also contribute to our personalities and reputations. Earth signs are headstrong, fire signs are, well, fiery—some attributes are more defined than others. But when it comes to water, those lines couldn’t be blurrier. 

Water signs are deeply emotional and intuitive people. They value tradition not just out of respect but out of love for nostalgia and sentimentality. These signs have bigger hearts and even better memories. While they remember plenty of good, water signs also have a habit of turning their memories into grudges. 

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the three water signs of the Zodiac. Their moody demeanors precede every member of this sensitive trio.

The Most Puzzling Planet

Close-up shot of Pluto in space
(Alpha Nolan/

Like constellations, the planets in our solar system impose influence and energy on our daily lives on Earth. Some planets are easy to understand: Mercury governs intelligence, Venus, love, etc. 

But for others, their influence—and planetary status in general—is harder to understand. Despite its recent demotion to dwarf planet status, faraway Pluto governs more of our day-to-day than you might think.

Pluto rules the subconscious, transformation, and power dynamics. These elements are invisible to the naked eye but hyper-present for the hidden mind and soul. Great internal and social changes have occurred when Pluto’s influence is the strongest on Earth.

This House Is Hardest To Understand

8th House of Reincarnation

Finally, all 12 natal houses preside over specific facets of daily life. These, too, vary in levels of complexity and vagueness. However, the 8th House of Reincarnation easily takes the cake for most chaotic. 

The 8th House of Reincarnation is the hardest to comprehend. This house doesn’t grant anyone the ability to come back from the dead. Rather, the 8th House rules over all significant change: death, rebirth, transformation, rejuvenation, inheritance, and karma.

Moreover, the 8th House has the closest link to the occult. It oversees intuition and perception of others. This house is inextricably connected to mental health. Those with close ties to the 8th House have an expansive dark side that can intimidate others.

Explaining The Inexplicable

Scorpio constellation with outline

Taking all of this into account, one sign’s peculiar reputation makes perfect sense. Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by Pluto and sits in the 8th House of Reincarnation. These signs are like walking enigmas. 

So, what reputation were they unlucky enough to get? Scorpio is believed to be untrustworthy, harsh, and cold. In reality, they are incredibly loyal, ambitious, and influential. Despite their rough exterior, Scorpio has a surprisingly soft underbelly. 

Their ruling element makes them deeply sentimental and romantic. Because of this, they make caring and thoughtful partners who avidly support their loved ones. Thanks to their ruling planet, they’re also highly motivated. 

Nothing is impossible to a dedicated Scorpio. Their inclination for transformation will make them find a way through even the toughest challenges. Scorpios are powerful influencers and leaders for this reason.  

Still, given their natal profiles, Scorpios can be a tough read. Straight shooter signs like Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries can call Scorpio out when they’re getting a little too “moody.” Conversely, Scorpios can help those around them stay humble, honest, and focused on the bigger picture.

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