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This week, Mercury and Makemake conjoin under Libra in the 1st House of Self. While the former governs communication and intellect, the latter influences activism and our connection with the natural world. Their conjunction suggests a need to express, explore, and advocate for oneself.

Meanwhile, Uranus begins its retrograde period under Taurus in the 8th House of Reincarnation. This House also governs our mental health, which Uranus RG will directly impact. During this time, the flickers of inner revolutions will begin to spark within the deepest parts of our beings. 

How will your sign prepare for what awaits us?

Your passion is lacking focus, which has left you feeling lazy and bored. Because you have no specific direction, you’re just running in circles. While your emotional side is encouraging you to do something, the stars urge you to prioritize your steady, logical side instead.

Sure, some things in life fall into place with little to no planning. But that’s the exception, not the rule. Despite how stagnant it might feel to sit, analyze, and plan, it’s what you need to get off this frustrating plateau.

As we evolve and change, so do our needs. What once brought you comfort might not anymore, and vice versa. Just because a previous version of yourself would’ve never thought to pursue that interest, career, or relationship doesn’t mean your current self should avoid it, too.

The longer you try to keep your comfort zone the exact same, the more noticeably uncomfortable it will become. You are growing emotionally and mentally. The parameters of your comfort zone should follow suit.

The stars urge you to stop selling yourself short, Gemini. Your adaptability and flexibility are not weaknesses; they’re strengths. There’s an old Confucius saying: “the green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm.”

Your malleability keeps you green, while the dogmatism you admire in others turns them stubborn and rigid. So, despite the storm that may be forming on your horizon, you can take solace in knowing you’ll be able to make it through.

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Emotions don’t often beget rational thinking. And for someone like you with particularly intense emotions, you can easily bend to the whim of your illogical, hypersensitive side. Consequently, you can speak without thinking and burn bridges along the way.

When emotions get turbulent, it’s best to find a way to get still. As tempting as it might be to let the adrenaline of confrontation sweep you away, try to remain grounded. How you act in these moments will color your connections after the conflict has passed.

In your attempt to solve someone else’s problems, you’ve created a few of your own. Now what? Will you accept the same advice you solicit unto others? Or will you shut down and let your ego convince you no action is necessary? Is being right worth dying on this hill?

Part of being a fair judge means maintaining an objective perspective for everyone—yourself included. Accountability might sting at first, but it’s going to make you stronger in the end. Keep ignoring it, however, and you’ll just repeat your mistakes.

You could fill an entire encyclopedia set with all of the nuggets of wisdom and encouragement you’ve given to your loved ones. Yet, you struggle to extend that same compassion toward yourself. Indeed, you are your own worst critic, Virgo.

Unsurprisingly, this has started to disaffect your interpersonal relationships. If you don’t respect yourself, it can be difficult to maintain respect in your connections with others. Extending yourself some patience and empathy is the first step in creating meaningful, healthy boundaries.

Just because something is comfortable doesn’t mean it’s beneficial. Unhealed emotional wounds have hampered your ability to see harmful patterns for what they are. After all, if you never acknowledge the initial pain, then it’ll never happen to you again. Right?

Wrong, Libra—we must identify the negative so that we can better avoid it in the future. Whether you decide to ignore or confront it, the pain will still be there. Wouldn’t you rather go ahead and deal with it instead of letting it eat away at you?

The first step is certainly the hardest part. But no matter how long you sit and wait, no one will take it for you. Moreover, no one is better equipped to navigate this path than you. So, why do you insist on passing the buck?

It’s time to tap into the deep, powerful parts of yourself—the parts you know are there but that you hide from others. As you take this leap of faith, know that the stars are lining up in your favor. You can do this.

As surefooted as you normally are, not even you are immune to the occasional bout of self-doubt. Daily stressors, negative influences, and poor lifestyle choices all contribute to these anxious feelings. When these emotions start to bubble up, it’s important to handle them with care.

Whatever you do, don’t put a lid on them—otherwise, you risk turning into an emotional pressure cooker. Turn to your trusted loved ones for support. Eventually, these feelings of doubt will pass. But you can’t rush them away.

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The idea that relaxing is always 100% stress-free is a bald-faced lie. Vacations are great, but to say they’re not without faults is false. Indeed, it takes a lot of planning, preparation, and working ahead just to enjoy a little bit of “downtime” these days.

Still, don’t let these obligations prevent you from trying. It can be all too easy to use prep work and working ahead as excuses for never taking time for yourself. But you can’t afford to remove self-care from your priorities.

No one can predict (or control) the future—not even you, Aquarius. Digging your heels in when life doesn’t go your way won’t make it bend to your will. This only serves to exhaust and dishearten you. And why waste all your energy doing that?

Don’t consider this a forced change of plans. Think of it as an opportunity to stretch your creative muscles. You’ve finessed yourself out of trickier situations before. Who’s to say you can’t do it again? You’re smarter than this struggle.

When you become accustomed to negative emotions, they become easier to comprehend than positive ones. Consequently, your subconscious will anticipate these feelings in all facets of life. You begin coloring each situation and interaction as inherently negative, and worst of all, you believe it.

The stars urge you to reconsider this perspective. Try taking things at face value this week—no silent undertones, hidden meanings, or secret intentions. Approach and react to your environment as it presents itself to you, not how you imagine it to be.

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