James Middleton Pays Fitting Tribute To Queen With His Latest Puppy Litter

People around the world have spent the past month remembering Queen Elizabeth and honoring her memory—and that includes Kate Middleton’s brother, James. The entrepreneur recently shared his fitting tribute to the late queen. 

Middleton’s Tribute To The Queen

Middleton previously ran a cake-making business and a personalized greeting card company, but he now runs Ella & Co, a mail-order dog food company that sells organic dog food. He also serves as an ambassador for the Pets as Therapy charity, which takes animals to hospitals and retirement homes to visit patients who could use a pick-me-up.  

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Middleton shares Queen Elizabeth’s love of dogs, and it seems like the businessman came up with the perfect way to honor the late monarch. “This is Bertie,” Middleton captioned a series of pictures of himself and an adorable golden retriever puppy. “Named after Queen Elizabeth’s father, Albert. The Queen dedicated her life to service, and it’s with great pride that I can announce that Bertie has been chosen to dedicate his life to service, too…”

He continued, “After Mabel had her litter I wanted to donate a puppy to become a future assistance dog and this is where @guidedogsuk came in and Bertie’s journey began. I was so proud to hand him to this incredible charity, and will also be endeavoring to raise the £60,000 required to support Bertie throughout his training until retirement.”

“I’m so excited to follow his story, and will be sure to post frequent updates! To find out more about his journey and how you can help, check out the link in my bio ‘Bertie’s journey to becoming a Guide Dog,’” Middleton concluded. 

Middleton’s Personal Connection To Service Dogs

He explained Bertie’s future role further in a post on the Ella & Co. website. Middleton battled clinical depression, which he attributed to the media attention from his sister’s relationship with Prince William. He credits his dog, Ella, with helping him through that tough time. 

“Fascinated by the roles dogs can play in our physical and mental wellbeing, I began to research various service dogs,” he wrote. “I was surprised to learn that across the UK, fewer than 1% of visually impaired people have a guide dog to support them. As both a pet parent and an ethical breeder, I knew I wanted to help this cause.”

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He continued, “When my golden retriever, Mabel, gave birth to eight beautiful puppies, I wanted to donate one to be a future assistance dog. This is where Guide Dogs came in, and Bertie’s journey began.” Middleton’s tribute to the late queen perfectly honors her decades of service as well as her love of dogs. 

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