Jan Wenner Rolls into L.A. for Live Talk


Music journalism may not be as prevalent or valued as it was pre-internet, but if you’re part of the generation who misses reading, buying or subscribing to actual music mags (we do!), there’s been lots to remind you of the good old days lately. At the same time Creem magazine’s return has generated some excitement about music mag writing, the founder, co-editor, and publisher of Rolling Stone is looking back on his own publication’s illustrious past as a disruptive force in media, and at its rise as a pop culture arbiter.  Like A Rolling Stone, Jann Wenner’s new memoir is being promoted as “a deeply personal” look inside the music, politics, and “lifestyle of a generation.”

There’s no denying that Wenner’s magazine –named after the Dylan song, not the band– not only reflected all this but defined it for decades, so much so that songs were written about making the cover, and controversy was ignited when someone who didn’t “deserve” it  (The Boston Bomber) did.

Wenner has been making the rounds to promote the book, musing about RS’s most iconic stories and imagery, like the significance of Annie Leibowitz’s iconic John and Yoko cover for example, and spilling behind the scenes tea about his relationships and encounters with the entertainment world’s biggest stars.

He’s sure to be just as forth-coming during Tuesday’s LA Live Talk event, where he’ll be chatting with Variety’s senior music critic Chris Willman about his career and the magazine’s evolution.

LA Live Talk with Jann Wenner in conversation with Chris Willman (live on stage) at Audrey Irmas Pavilion, 3643 Wilshire Blvd.; Tuesday, September 20, 8pm; $20 ($46 with signed book) https://livetalksla.org/events/jann-wenner/.

(A virtual screening will be available presented on September 25, 2022, 3 p.m. PT/ 6 p.m. ET. Info and tickets here.)

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