Jenna Bush Hager Unimpressed By Kim Kardashian’s Lavish Party For Daughter, Has Perfect Advice For Parents

Kim Kardashian threw a lavish themed birthday party for her 9-year-old daughter North West, but not everyone was a fan of her spooky camp themed getaway. Jenna Bush Hager, who also has kids around young North’s age, was a bit scornful of the extravagance during a chat with Hoda Kotb’s temporary fill-in Michelle Buteau on Today. She also had a word of advice for parents of young kids thinking of following in Kardashian’s footsteps. 

Kardashian Birthday Party Sparks Reaction

North West’s 9th birthday party is one for the record books, and her mom Kim Kardashian was the mastermind behind it all. North, along with a few of her closest friends including Jessica Simpson’s daughter Birdie, were flown in Kardashian’s private jet to “Camp North” where they enjoyed a number of summer camp classics. 

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The girls zip-lined, completed an archery course and a rope course. There was also some water fun with an inflatable raft. While it seemed like everyone involved had a wonderful time, Jenna Bush Hager wasn’t all that impressed when she covered it recently on the Today Show

Jenna Bush Hager Not Into The Lavish Party

“North West recently celebrated her 9th birthday,” Hager began before adding, “I have a 9-year-old. Um, she did not have a party like this. Because, y’all, this party was over the top. Her mom created a Camp North sleepover party.” 

Michelle Beautu, who was filling in for Hoda Kotb, called the mini tents the kids slept in “Pinterest worthy,” which Hager agreed with. The actress went on to note that she would be taking inspiration from the party, but would be doing the “low budget version,” though she scoffed at the idea of a private jet. 

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Hager agreed again, adding, “But also, here’s a piece of advice my cousin gave me when I had my first. She said do not even throw a party. And I was like, ‘That’s kinda rude.’ She was like, ‘No, no no. Lower their expectations.’ Because otherwise, you go over the top at 3? What do you think they’re gonna want at 16?”

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When Beautu brought up the fact that some kids want to celebrate “half-birthdays” these days, Hager had a quick dismissal for the very idea. “We don’t celebrate half-birthdays,” she stated. 

It’s a great idea for parents to keep their kids’ expectations at a reasonable level since not everyone has the resources or celebrity that Kim Kardashian has. We think Beautu has the right idea about inspiration. We think the idea was excellent, though.

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