Jenna Bush Hager’s 5 Best Moments On ‘Today’ In 2022

Jenna Bush Hager is one of the Today show’s most beloved hosts. She frequently shares personal anecdotes and funny stories about her family while on the air. Here are our picks for her best moments on Today this year. 

The Actor Hager’s Husband Didn’t Want Her To Interview

Hager has interviewed all kinds of stars without any issues, from political figures to rock stars to Oscar-winning actors. However, Hager revealed that her husband, Henry, asked her not to interview one young actor. 

After the couple went to see Elvis, Hager said that her husband said he wasn’t “comfortable” with her interviewing the movie’s star, Austin Butler. Read more about why Henry wanted Hager to avoid one-on-one time with Butler here

Hager Cringes At Throwback Family Photo

As the daughter of a former president, Hager is no stranger to having embarrassing photos taken of her. During one episode of Today, she and her co-host Hoda Kotb took a look at a throwback picture of Hager and her family. 

“You look like the 4th of July!” Kotb enthused, while Hager groaned, “I just was desperate to be Kelly Taylor on 90210.” Read more about Hager’s embarrassing throwback family picture here

Her Tips For Weight Loss

Hager usually keeps things light when talking about her life, but the morning show host isn’t afraid to share details about her personal life. After viewers repeatedly commented on her weight loss, she and Kotb discussed the changes she had made in her life. 

Hager and Kotb spoke about the uselessness of “yo-yo dieting” and how it never keeps the weight off. Hager shared her workout secret, as well as her views on her body as she gets older. Read more about Hager’s thoughts on body confidence here

Hager Said She Didn’t Want A Portrait Her Dad Painted Of Her

Former President George W. Bush has taken up a few hobbies since he left the Oval Office, but it looks like painting is his favorite. Bush specializes in portraits, painting pictures of immigrants, military veterans, and his own family. 

Hager shared the portrait he painted of her, but admitted that she was not a fan of the painting, saying her dad never even sent it to her because she said she didn’t want it. Read more about fan reactions to the painting here

Her Personal Time With King Charles

Working for the Today show means Hager gets to meet all kinds of interesting people—including the King of England! Hager had traveled to Scotland to interview Queen Consort Camilla Parker Bowles, but Bowles’ flight was delayed, meaning Hager got some one-on-one time with the king. 

Hager and her husband had dinner with King Charles the night before he ascended to the throne. Read more about her conversation with King Charles, as well as the moment she found out Queen Elizabeth was sick, here

From embarrassing family photos to dramatic interviews, Hager has experienced it all on the Today show this past year. Here’s hoping 2023 will bring some more memorable moments for the morning show host! 

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