Jenna Bush Hager’s Treatment Of Co-Host Raises Questions About Consent


Today show viewers witnessed an uncomfortable moment during a recent cooking segment when host Jenna Bush Hager appeared to get a little too touchy with a guest. Fans gave their thoughts on the issue, with some slamming Hager for her behavior and others wondering if the two were simply doing some friendly teasing.

Hager Gets Touchy With Co-Host: ‘Someone Didn’t Teach [Her] About Personal Space’ 

In the segment, Hager and guest-host Justin Sylvester are cooking with author and chef Andy Baraghani. During the segment, Hager stands very close to Sylvester and continually puts her hand on his shoulder. At one point, Sylvester even gently pushes her away from him. 

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“Omg someone didn’t teach former President Bush’s daughter about personal space or #consent,” someone tweeted with a link to a video of the incident. “I feel my skin crawling just watching his body language. Imagine how she was when the cameras weren’t rolling.”

“Yeah he is clearly uncomfortable,” someone else commented. “He tried to politely shrug it off and instead of respecting that you can see she thought it was a game to keep doing it. Who raised her?”

Others Claim Hager And Sylvester Were Joking Around: ‘I Don’t Think This Was Real’

While many were offended by Hager’s behavior, others mentioned that Hager and Sylvester have known each other for many years. Sylvester, the host of Daily Pop, has been appearing on the Today show since 2019. He and Hager have always seemed friendly. 

“This looks like a joke or something between these two. I don’t think this was real,” someone wrote. Another commented, “You guys are really taking things over the top..[He] and his co-host are joking around. Find something real to be angry about.”

Hager’s Behavior Branded ‘Unacceptable & Inappropriate’

However, as one person pointed out, Hager should have stopped crowding him as soon as he pushed her away from him. “This isn’t a show I’ve watched before so I don’t know her usual relationship with her cohost,” they wrote. “But even if they’re a couple he is CLEARLY signaling, “no” & she’s trying to force him anyway. Sooooo unacceptable & inappropriate.”

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Even though some fans of Hager and the Today show saw this interaction as a playful moment between friends, others think the host should have known when to stop touching her seemingly uncomfortable co-host. 

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