Jennifer Aniston Breaks These Common Shampooing And Conditioning Hair Myths


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Jennifer Aniston is a bonafide hair icon. From “The Rachel” to her beachy blonde of today, Aniston has set hair trends for decades. Her ability to not only stay in style but make the style is unmatched. 

And despite her superhuman ability to never age (which she credits to her go-to wellness routine), there’s no magic involved with her hair. Rather, the real secret is the products and her commitment. 

Aniston’s longtime hairstylist, Chris McMillan, recently revealed Aniston’s go-to products when it comes to shampooing and conditioning her tresses. Most importantly, he explained how she uses them.

Creating A Clean Canvas

Shampoo and conditioner are the cornerstones of any good hair routine. Indeed, even the most dedicated regimen will fall flat with the wrong products. McMillian shared some of Aniston’s favorites with Vogue

He explains that, depending on the day’s needs, Aniston will switch between Living Proof’s No Frizz Shampoo and Drunk Elephant’s Glossing Shampoo.

Living Proof’s No-Frizz Shampoo helps to nourish, fight frizz, and protect against humidity all without weighing strands down. The lightly citrus-scented shampoo contains no sulfates, silicone, or parabens. Additionally, it’s color-safe, helping to maintain Aniston’s sunny blonde between salon trips.

If she’s looking for more cleansing power than frizz-fighting, she will use Drunk Elephant’s Glossing Shampoo.

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McMillan co-created the Cocomino Glossing Shampoo with Drunk Elephant. It’s a color-safe blend of coconut surfactants that gently lift dirt, styling products, and other substances without stripping the hair shaft. In addition to its cleansing power, this sulfate-free shampoo adds smoothness, shine, and natural body and bounce.

The Right Conditioner Criteria

Of course, no shampoo is worth its weight in suds without the proper conditioner to go along with it. All hair cleansing strips tresses of some oils and moisture. Aniston uses two conditioners to replenish, rehydrate, and soften her locks.

Drunk Elephant’s Cocomino Marula Cream Conditioner is the partner to DE’s Glossing Shampoo. The rich blend of oils, amino acids, and marula butter locks in moisture and adds intense shine. This conditioner protects against color treatments and heat damage to reveal soft, manageable hair. 

McMillan says Aniston will also use a conditioner created by her long-time colorist, Michael Canalé. Canalé’s Soften Conditioner contains natural oils and antioxidants that restore hair’s shine, luster, and color. 

Canalé specifically designed his Soften Conditioner for color-treated hair. The powerful formula contains key nutrients and coats the hair shaft to visibly improve quality. The hardworking conditioner is only available on Canalé’s website.

Breaking These Common Hair Myths

It isn’t just the products that matter; it’s also how you use them. McMillan says that Aniston takes her hair routine “very seriously.” So, when a product says to lather, rinse, and repeat, she actually repeats. (Rather than ignoring it and washing once, which I thought everyone did.)

McMillan explains that a proper double cleanse ensures that all dirt and products are fully removed. Double cleansing also keeps the scalp cleaner longer, which is critical for someone with a schedule like Aniston’s.

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Moreover, she doesn’t skimp on the conditioner, either. Aniston uses a wide-tooth comb to condition her hair from root to tip. This wide-toothed comb features durable plastic and a convenient hook for better grip and shower storage.

Many people claim to avoid conditioning your roots, especially those looking for voluminous hair post-shower. According to McMillian, your roots should never be ignored.

“We don’t just condition the ends,” McMillan told Vogue. “Would you moisturize just your jawline or forehead? No! You’re going to moisturize your entire face. Conditioner is moisturizer for your hair. You should be doing the same thing for your hair as you do for your skin.” 

McMillan has been around ever since Aniston was rocking The Rachel. In fact, he created it. He’s been helping her maintain her hair icon status since the ‘90s. And if her golden locks are any indication, we’ll be fawning over Aniston’s hair for decades to come.

Most importantly, thanks to McMillan’s valuable insights, we can enjoy the same shiny, smooth locks as Aniston.

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