Jennifer Aniston Credits This Routine Change For ‘Feeling Better Than Ever’

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Without question Friends alum Jennifer Aniston seems to be living her best life in her 50s. Her seemingly flawless skin and overall happy and healthy radiance make it seem as if Aniston will never age. But what is her secret?

As Aniston explains, her self-care routine doesn’t involve any magical elixirs or expensive regimens. Instead, she insists she has learned a great deal over the years about how to take care of her body and her mind. Thanks to her dedication, she is feeling better than she ever has in the past.

As part of a recent interview with Real Simple, Aniston detailed her surprisingly easy, yet vital, step-by-step routine for wellness and beauty. And, for starters, her beauty regime is much less complicated than you would expect. 

“The best beauty tip I have for people is to sleep and drink water, honestly. Did you know that so few people actually drink water? I’ll get mad at my friend Courteney Cox all the time because she’ll tell me she hasn’t had a sip of water today—and I’m like…are you out of your mind? Water is everything,” she said. 

Additionally, Aniston keeps another tool in her wellness arsenal for maintaining mind-body balance, which she considers to be one of the most important.

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‘Practicing Mindfulness’

Apart from sleeping and staying hydrated, the actress reveals that practicing mindfulness is the key to staying youthful.

“For me, it’s practicing mindfulness. That means staying away from my phone as long as I can in the morning (which infuriates some people), meditating, and not letting the world bombard me like it does, which is especially important in the business that we’re in,” Aniston says.

Throughout the interview, Aniston elaborates on how wellness is more than a choice, it’s a commitment. As part of her mindful practices, she shares that meditation is an integral part of her life and that she takes time each day to ground herself, mindfully knowing what she is walking into.

In addition to adopting simple beauty solutions and practicing mindfulness, Aniston also reveals it’s what she eats in the morning that has made all the difference.

“Back in 2014, my doctor asked if I eat breakfast (which I didn’t really), and he said to try this protein powder in a shake—and it was Vital Proteins. I’ve taken ingestible collagen every morning since then, and I’ve noticed such a difference in my hair, nails, endurance, and workouts,” Aniston said.

In fact, Aniston became such a huge fan of Vital Proteins that she joined the team as Chief Creative Officer in 2020. The Morning Show star frequently takes to Instagram to share her favorite ways to incorporate this powerful collagen powder into her diet, from her go-to smoothie recipe, adding it to her morning coffee, or even enjoying it in her new protein bars.

While we might not be rushing to get to set or meetings with our producer, I for one can appreciate Aniston acknowledging life can be hectic. Taking some time for ourselves, even if it’s just for ten minutes in the morning before the kids wake up,

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