Jennifer Aniston’s Stylist Swears This Brush ‘Always Delivers’ For Her Signature Blowout


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There are probably many thoughts that come to mind when thinking about the ever-talented and graceful Jennifer Aniston. Undoubtedly, her gorgeous head of hair is probably near the top of the list for many.

All starting with her signature style “The Rachel” on Friends, Aniston has continued being a hair icon, whether she rocks her natural waves or touts her new hair care line Lolavie.

Yet probably most iconic of all of Aniston’s looks is her signature blowout—shiny, voluminous, and just the right amount of curl. And thanks to social media, we now know the secret behind the look.

Recently, her longtime friend and hairstylist Chris McMillian shared a post where he graciously gives us a step-by-step guide to creating the perfect blowout, and it’s largely thanks to this one highly-rated brush.

McMillian shared a few surprising tips to creating Aniston’s signature ‘do, one of which being that he typically doesn’t use product so that blowout lasts longer. Rather, the style is created mainly by drying freshly washed, towel-dried hair in small sections. He also noted the importance of over-directing the hair, giving extra attention to the roots, and using this specific brush he claims “always delivers.”

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The hairbrush he’s referring to is the Ibiza Boar Hairbrush B5. The ergonomic round brush is gentle on hair and the B-series is particularly good for color-treated or fine hair.

The boar bristle hairbrush helps create the loose waves and volume that blowouts are known for. The flexible bristles are reinforced with nylon that won’t pull or rip hair, and the cork handle is slip-resistant. It’s worth the investment if you’re trying to achieve bombshell blowouts like Aniston.

Shoppers agree—this brush is game changing.

One Amazon customer said, “My hairdresser uses this brush on my hair. It looks silky smooth, so I spent the money and I am happy I did. I have frizzy hair and this brush is a game changer.”

Other hairdressers support McMillian’s claims. One said, “I am a hairdresser and this brush is simply amazing for all hair types and this size is perfect for almost all lengths of hair! It gives good hold and enough pull while drying! I’ve already told multiple clients about this brush and where to purchase it. Definitely worth the money!”

So put down the hairspray, save your scalp the product buildup, and consider investing in the right tools, like the Ibiza Boar Hairbrush, to create a fabulous blowout (or whatever style you prefer to rock)!

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