Jennifer Garner Dispels Notion You Have To ‘Dress Flirty’ For Halloween In Amazing Look Back At Past Costumes

With Halloween coming up, many people are already hard at work getting their costumes ready—and that includes Jennifer Garner. She recently joked about some of her past “super-flirty” costumes in an Instagram video. 

Some Of Jennifer Garner’s Past Costumes

The actress posted a video of herself smiling at the camera, addressing the idea that she “must like to dress as something super-flirty for Halloween.” The video then cuts to pictures and videos of some of Garner’s recent costumes.

Garner included videos of her dressed up as an old woman, a vampire, a green-faced witch, and a mailbox. She also shared a paparazzi picture of herself in jeans, a sweater, and a fake mustache, as well as a shot of her dressed as a witch when she was pregnant. 

Fan Reactions: ‘I Want To Be You When I Grow Up’

The actress’ followers loved getting a glimpse of some of her more creative costumes. “I want to be you when I grow up. Actually, I want to be the mailbox version of you. How clever is that costume?!” one person wrote. As it turns out, the postal service is more popular than we thought.

Another commented, “Lol luv them all!! Think mailbox is my fav!” Others joked about Garner’s joke about “super-flirty” costumes. “In all fairness that was a pretty flirty mailbox,” one person joked. Another commented, “There are two types of girls on Halloween… You and I are the same ! Love it.” A lot of folks definitely related to Garner’s take on dealing with the emphasis on flirty costumes for Halloween.

Garner Says ‘Go Funny Over Sexy’

Many people have commented on the discrepancies between male and female costumes; for example, while men can dress up as firefighters or skeletons, women are typically presented with “sexy” versions of those costumes. 

Garner has previously spoken about flirty Halloween costumes. In a video the actress posted to Instagram of a commencement address she gave at Denison University, Garner told the crowd, “When it comes to Halloween costumes, go funny over sexy. Why would you dress like a flirty nurse when you could be a mailbox?” 

Some of her celebrity pals agreed. Reese Witherspoon wrote, “Funny over sexy. Every time. For the win!” Comedian Chelsea Handler commented, “You’re so cute. I love you the mostest.” Some women might feel pressured to dress sexy or flirty for Halloween parties, but Garner’s post shows us that the holiday is all about having fun with your costume—flirty or not. Hopefully, we have enough time to put together a mailbox costume of our own.

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