Jennifer Garner Unloading Her Purse After A Road Trip Is Something All Mothers Can Appreciate


Plenty of moms know that during long road trips, your purse becomes a bit of a black hole. In a recent Instagram video, Jennifer Garner showed her followers all of the random items that accumulated in her bag while on a road trip with her three kids. We have to say, her purse gave Mary Poppins’ bag a run for its money!

Jennifer Garner Shows Off Her Bottomless Purse

In a new Instagram video, Jennifer Garner is reminding us that she truly is the most relatable celebrity. Over the past few years, Garner has created a social media following for her cooking videos, gardening posts, and ever-relatable motherhood experiences. She stayed on-theme in a new video captioned, “What’s In My Bag: Holiday Travel Edition.”

She started off the video by revealing she had no idea what she was getting into by cleaning out her purse. “This bag just got out of the car after a road trip with three kids. I have no idea what’s in here,” she explained. First, she pulled out a Rat-a-Tat Cat card game—perfect for entertaining kids during those hours on the road. In a similar vein, she found a small squishy toy.

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That’s when her stash got a lot sweeter. She found an already-opened Twix bar which she proceeded to eat after declaring, “Lucky day!” We wholeheartedly endorse that decision, by the way. Next up, she found a bag full of chargers, proving that she travels prepared! She also found a deck of playing cards, another loose charger wire, and a small bag of trail mix.

Jennifer Garner Proves We’re All Living The Same Life

As the video went on, she proceeded to find a bra, a pair of “drugstore reading glasses,” a pencil sharpener, a packet of Liquid IV, and two opened packets of Mentos. The actress was also able to retrieve more practical items like a pen and some room keys. However, for the grand finale, Garner pulled out a handful of loose M&Ms and a plastic fork. Of course, she proceeded to scoop up her M&Ms with the plastic fork for a quick snack.

Of course, that still wasn’t everything. Some of our favorite items that didn’t get a call out but were seen in the video included an envelope, sunglasses, face masks, bookmarks, a fluffy pink scrunchy, multiple sanitary wipes, and a packet of Emergen-C.

It’s like Garner was going through every mom’s purse after a long road trip. However, considering all of the candy and card games, Garner has proven that she’s the perfect companion for a long drive. Hopefully, she was able to give her followers some inspiration since the holiday drives are far from over!

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