Jennifer Garner’s Newest Hobby Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Jennifer Garner has taken up a new hobby, and it has some fans freaking out! The actress just shared a video of herself beekeeping with HoneyLove and The Bee Amigos, and she is clearly totally fearless!

Garner Takes Up Beekeeping

“Beeline (noun): move directly towards something. It’s a real thing! Bees fly in a straight line when they return to the hive—do NOT stand in the way,” she captioned a video of herself decked out in the white beekeeping outfit and net mask. “Thank you very much, bees! And thank you very much, @honeyloveorg & @thebeeamigos!”

Garner teamed up with HoneyLove, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and inspiring a new generation of beekeepers, and The Bee Amigos, a team of “treatment-free beekeepers” who rescue and rehouse feral bees. 

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In the video, she lifts the bees and honeycombs out of their boxes and inspects their progress, commending the bees for their “hard work.” Garner’s new hobby has her Instagram followers impressed—even the ones who confess to being scared of the stinging insects.

Fans Call Her ‘Fearless’ 

“I’m gonna do that for the first time here soon!!” one person wrote. “It’s a facing my fear kinda thing, but I’m also excited for some fresh honey!!” Another laughed, “I am officially adding “fearless” to the growing list of qualities I admire in Jennifer Garner.”

Others shared their own experiences with beekeeping. “You wear more clothing than I do when I check my beehives,” someone shared.

Another wrote, “Cool you see the new bee hive you don’t have to disturb them just turn the knob and the honey runs out into the jar.”

“You are so wonderful to watch,” one fan gushed. “Seriously, every time I see a post from you, a huge smile comes across my face. Keep shining your light!”

Beekeeping isn’t Garner’s only food-centered project. The actress cofounded Once Upon A Farm, an organization dedicated to feeding children across America. Garner even uses her own family farm in Oklahoma to grow organic fruits and vegetables for the organization.

Garner’s food and farming projects are the actress’ main project, but it looks like she’s getting ready to add beekeeping and honey-collecting to Once Upon A Farm’s work! 

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