Jennifer Grey Shows Off Impressive Hair Growth Transformation With Harklinikken

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Hair loss and thinning can be an unfortunate side effect of aging for some women (even celebrities). Regardless of whether it’s due to hormones, aging, or genetics, female pattern baldness can instigate a spiral of negative emotions in women.

The good news is there are a number of treatments available that can help. And one hair growth treatment, in particular, is getting a lot of attention lately from some A-list backers. 

Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey recently took to social media to share dramatic before-and-after photos of her own hair growth journey. Grey credited the stunning results to the Scandinavian haircare brand Harklinikken, a brand that Ricki Lake also praised recently for reversing her 30-year hair loss woes.

“I’m so excited to share this amazing [Danish] brand with you that has, [I] swear, transformed my hair (and scalp health, who knew?!) over the last two years,” Grey wrote in a post that accompanied the photos of her incredible hair transformation. She added, “[I’ve] gotten unbelievable results just by following @harklinikken’s simple daily routine with their Hair Gain Extract, along with their shampoo and conditioners.”

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Harklinikken’s Extract, an essential component of both Lake and Grey’s treatment plans, is specially tailored to each client’s needs and optimized as treatment progresses. To get started, simply take Harklinikken’s easy online hair assessment or book an in-person consultation.

Besides the Extract, Grey recommends Harklinikken’s line of shampoos as well as their conditioners. Their unscented, gentle shampoos are designed to thoroughly clean strands without irritating the scalp. At the same time, they are formulated to reduce split ends and breakage.

Try pairing their shampoo with their lightweight daily conditioner for a real power duo. The conditioner is formulated with avocado oil and soothing aloe vera that keeps each strand hydrated and smooth.

Grey noted that once you learn the science behind Harklinikken, you’ll never want to use any other product that doesn’t put your individual hair needs first. Plus, she loves the simplicity of Harklinikken’s routine and ingredients.

“[It’s] super easy, plus everything is clean and non-invasive with only naturally-derived ingredients,“ Grey explained. As you begin your hair restoration journey, you should opt for products without colorants, perfumes, essential oils, and parabens—all of which Harklinikken happens to abstain from using.

It’s no wonder why celebrities are spreading the word about Harklinikken: It doesn’t make sense to be a gatekeeper when a product is so clearly effective. Doesn’t everyone deserve luscious, healthy hair?

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