Jennifer Hudson Has A Familiar Face Running Her New Talk Show


Jennifer Hudson has a lot to celebrate. The Tony Award winner has sealed her EGOT status and is moving into daytime television. She’ll be vying for a crown left behind by Ellen DeGeneres, and Hudson’s scooping up some of DeGeneres’s beloved co-workers. Here’s what’s going on.

Who Will Be On Top?

Just as DeGeneres succeeded Oprah Winfrey, networks are anxiously waiting to see who will become the reigning ruler of daytime TV. Kelly Clarkson has the best case. Even before DeGeneres went into retirement, Clarkson was a rating powerhouse bringing a warmth not seen since the halcyon days of Rose O’Donnell.

There’s also Drew Barrymore. While ratings have never been exceptional for The Drew Barrymore Show, the powers that be have not pulled the plug. Her show has more of a Jimmy Fallon feel to it than the competition. Coming soon, a new Titan enters the fray.

Jennifer Hudson With Big Help

Last November, news came out about Hudson signing a daytime talk show deal with Warner Bros. She’s got an incredible professional pedigree and is a natural talker. News just arrived that The Jennifer Hudson Show will premiere on September 12. What’s more, Hudson was able to bring some big names from The Ellen DeGeneres Show into the fold.

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Mary Connelly, Andy Lassner, and Corey Palent will bring their Emmy-winning expertise as executive producers and showrunners. Connelly and Lassner worked as executive producers with DeGeneres since 2003, with Palent earning that job title in 2019. Fans of The Ellen DeGeneres Show should remember Lassner. He was an on-screen talent beside DeGeneres for years. Their natural chemistry produced several memorable moments, including a tear-inducing game of ‘5 Second Rule.’

Wait, DeGeneres Producers? Isn’t That Bad?

You’d be hard-pressed to find producers more equipped to run a daytime talk show than Lassner, Connelly, and Palent. Hearing the terms “Ellen” and “producer” in the same sentence may remind folks of the toxic workplace scandal. Two executive producers were fired in the scandal’s fallout: Ed Glavin and Kevan Leman. As far as we know, Hudson isn’t knowingly bringing any bad apples on board her new show.

Only time will tell if Hudson can find her niche in the crowded realm of daytime talk. With Clarkson taking DeGenres’ timeslot in most regions, Hudson can stroll into the now vacant position just an hour earlier. The pairing of American Idol alums could prove tantalizing for viewers and advertisers alike.

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