Jennifer Lopez Offers Tantalizing Peek At What She Wore At Her Wedding


When it comes to wedding dresses, Jennifer Lopez never disappoints. Having tied the knot four times now and taken countless trips down the aisle in her films, Lopez is no stranger to a white gown. So, it’s no wonder her fans are dying for a glimpse at her latest bridal look.

Jennifer Lopez Teases Fans With ‘First Peek’

Last month, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got married in a tiny Las Vegas ceremony—but once just wasn’t enough for the honeymooners. Over the weekend, Lopez and Affleck celebrated their union once again by taking their vows in front of their friends and family.

The lavish wedding party took place on Ben Affleck’s Georgia property, and while there have been some distant paparazzi shots from the event, we’ve yet to get a good look at Lopez’s dress.

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Of course, Lopez knows how badly her fans want to see her gown. Before she shares the full photos through her newsletter OnTheJLo, she gave her Instagram followers just a taste.

We can tell the performer went full-glam for her big day. It seems like she chose a dramatic eye look with a generous amount of highlight. Behind her veil, you can just make out the shine of an earring—but most attention-grabbing is Lopez’s high collar that feathers out just below her chin.

Of course, Lopez hints at multiple wedding “looks,” and, knowing the performer, this is just one of them. Even for her brief Las Vegas ceremony, she rocked two dresses. From the veil, we have to assume this is the look she took her vows in.

Sources Confirm She Wore Ralph Lauren

While we’re still waiting for the glamour shots, we know Lopez commissioned Ralph Lauren for the big day. Of course, fans of the “Let’s Get Loud” singer won’t be surprised by her choice of designer. Lopez has worn Ralph Lauren countless times. She even rocked one of the designer’s pieces for the Met Gala last year.

But—as far as we can tell—this was the actress’s first Ralph Lauren wedding dress. Of course, she’s far from the first celebrity to walk down the aisle in one of the designer’s pieces. Back in 2018, Priyanka Chopra wed Nick Jonas in a show-stopping Ralph Lauren gown.

Last September, actress Lily Collins walked down the aisle in a custom Ralph Lauren piece. The gown and its dramatic veil-cape hybrid was something straight out of a fairytale.

Looking at some of the designer’s past work, we just know Lopez’s dress is going to take our breath away. We just hope Lopez doesn’t keep us waiting too much longer to see the full bridal ensemble.

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