‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Matt Amodio’s Reaction To Least Favorite Category Was A Tournament Highlight


Jeopardy! contestants have to be experts in a lot of different areas, but that doesn’t mean they like it. A recent episode of the game show demonstrated the players’ lack of enthusiasm across the board when it came time to answer celebrity trivia. 

‘Jeopardy!’ Semi-Finalists Are Stumped By Celebrity Trivia

The three contestants were Sam Buttrey, a professor at the Naval Postgraduate School, John Focht, a software team lead, and Matt Amodio, a postdoctoral researcher. The trio have all proven that they are great at answering trivia questions, but one category seemed to have them bored. 

“Now, you guys have saved ‘Celebs’ for last because you were so excited about it,” host Ken Jennings laughed. Amodio solved the $200 clue—”She co-starred in Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds before the pair married”—with “Blake Lively.”

He then joked, “Are we done?” Buttrey, Focht, and the audience cracked up, and Jennings replied, “I’m afraid there are four more ‘Celebs.’” The group were unable to answer the next two questions, including one about a TikTok star. 

“Sam, you don’t know Charli D’Amelio?” Jennings said. “145 million followers!” Amodio was able to solve the next clue, correctly naming A$AP Rocky as the rapper who welcomed a child with Rihanna this year. 

Who Is Going On To The Finals?

Even though Amodio was the only player who managed to answer any questions from the “Celebs” category, he wasn’t the night’s big winner. Buttrey won the game, making him one of the finalists for the Tournament of Champions. 

He will play alongside Amy Schneider, a writer, and Andrew He, a software developer. The trio could play up to seven games. The first player to win three games will be named this year’s Champion. 

The contestants are excited to move on to the finals. Buttrey tweeted, “What a blast to play Jeopardy! with @AmodioMatt and @tkfocht today! They’re two smart, funny, genuine people and it was an honor to be up on stage with them.” 

Schneider posted a photo of Steph Curry with lyrics to Eminems’s “Lose Yourself,” writing, “We’ve been waiting all year for this…LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!” The finalists are more than ready to compete in the tournament, and Jeopardy! fans can’t wait to see who takes home the title!

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