‘Jeopardy!’ Champion Is Getting More Attention For Looking Like Bill Hader Than His Winning Record


A new champion has entered the Jeopardy! ring. However, instead of celebrating the contestant’s impressive stats, it’s fair to say that fans have been a bit distracted by his appearance. As it turns out, the trivia wiz bears a striking resemblance to actor and comedian Bill Hader.

The contestant’s name is Troy Meyer, and he’s a music executive from Tampa, Florida. He stepped onto the Jeopardy! stage on January 19, taking home over $60,000 in his first two games and dominating in his third win. However, despite his stellar accuracy and lightning-fast gameplay, fans couldn’t stop talking about his resemblance to the Saturday Night Live alum.

One Jeopardy! fan tweeted that Meyer was giving them “taller, skinnier Bill Hader vibes.”

Another joked that the Barry creator “has been killing it” on the show this week.

One fan even joked that he couldn’t be certain that Meyer “isn’t a Bill Hader character.”

It isn’t all in looks, though. Fans have noticed that Meyer also shares some mannerisms with the award-winning actor and screenwriter. “Not only looks like him, but at times sounds like him,” one fan tweeted. Both men also seem to be incredibly polite to their peers.

That isn’t to say that fans aren’t also enjoying Meyer for his Jeopardy! skills. Given his impressive gameplay, fans are already speculating that he could be this season’s next Tournament of Champions contender. Time will only tell, but it’s clear that Meyer has already made an impression on fans.

While on the show, Meyer also shared an anecdote about a memorable interaction he had with Lady Gaga in his work as a music executive. According to Meyer, while backstage at a concert, Gaga stopped him in his tracks saying, “You! You have great style!”

As Meyer tells it, he was just wearing “a cardigan and shorts,” but something about the ensemble caught the popstar’s eye. “She noticed it, and I’ve been coasting on it ever since!” Meyer joked.

Hopefully, the contestant’s resemblance to Hader is a good omen. Of course, we’re instantly reminded of another Jeopardy! champion who bore a striking resemblance to a famous comedian. Fans also noticed that Professors’ Tournament winner Sam Buttrey looked quite a bit like legendary comedian Steve Martin.

Buttrey even earned a Twitter shout-out from the comedian after his big win. The fan-favorite contestant ended up becoming a finalist in the Tournament of Champions and is even slated to return for the upcoming Jeopardy Masters tournament. Hopefully, Troy Meyer has just as long a Jeopardy! career ahead of him!


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