‘Jeopardy!’ Competitor’s Response To Being Criticized For Missing ‘Easiest’ Final Jeopardy! Question Is Perfect


Jeopardy! is a pretty difficult game show—contestants need to know all kinds of trivia and facts to beat out the competition. However, players make it look so easy that viewers at home might think they could do better. A recent episode had many fans poking fun at players for missing an “easy question,” but one competitor hit back with the perfect response. 

Viewers Tease Players For Missing ‘Easy’ Final Jeopardy

In a recent episode’s Final Jeopardy round, all three contestants answered the clue incorrectly. Host Ken Jennings asked the players to come up with the name that a cocktail, an island, and a WWII project all share. 

The answer was “Manhattan,” but all three players missed the seemingly obvious question. The contestants got a lot of flack for it online, with many viewers making fun of them for answering incorrectly. 

“I believe today is the first time I got the final jeopardy answer correct and all three contestants got it wrong,” one Reddit user joked. “Yeah, I don’t have the best track record with FJs but I thought this was one was unusually easy,” someone else wrote. 

One Contestant Had A Fitting Response

Contestant A.Z. Madonna took to Twitter to join in on the jokes and to provide some insight into why all three brainy players missed the clue. “The thing I was looking forward to most about my episode was finding out how everyone would react to Final,” they wrote. “It seems the people who got it did so instantly and thought it was way too easy. The people who didn’t get it (incl. some very smart & clever folks) just could Not.”

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They went on to talk about “word association,” and how all three players heard the separate parts of the clue and went off in different directions. “In our case, we heard ‘island’, ‘cocktail,’ and ‘World War II,’ and all of us ended up at sea in the Pacific Theater,” Madonna laughed. 

Madonna also had a perfect answer for all the people who said they and their fellow contestants should be “embarrassed” about missing that “deceptively simple” clue. Madonna coyly tweeted a link to an application form to be on Jeopardy!, challenging the haters to “prove me wrong.”

The Final Jeopardy question might have seemed easy to people playing along at home, but Madonna’s explanation as to why all three whiffed it makes complete sense—and their challenge to the people making fun of them is the perfect way to hit back at the haters. 

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