‘Jeopardy!’ Fan Favorite Gets Thanksgiving Parade Float, And He’s Sharing It With Someone Special

One Jeopardy! contestant is getting to spend Thanksgiving in a very exciting place: on top of a Thanksgiving parade float! Ryan Long, famous for his long winning streak on the game show, will be featured in the Dunkin’ Thanksgiving Parade. 

Ryan Long Is Bringing Someone Special To The Parade

Long, a former ride-share driver, went on a 16-game winning streak earlier this year. This is the ninth-longest winning streak in Jeopardy! history, and Long took home over $300,000 in winnings. 

Now, Long and his son, Nathan, will get to ride on a parade float in Philadelphia’s annual Dunkin’ Thanksgiving Parade. Father and son will get to wave to fans as they ride down the Parkway. 

His Son’s Reaction

Long surprised his 9-year-old son with the news during a broadcast of local news channel 6ABC. When asked what his favorite thing about Thanksgiving was, Nathan replied that it was the parade. 

When he was told he would get to be part of the parade this year, Nathan said, “Oh, my goodness!” and started jumping up and down. Long, who has said he doesn’t like being in the spotlight, said he knew he had to accept this offer for his son. 

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“I’ll be watching his face,” Ryan said to 6ABC. “It should be a good moment. I’ll be watching him, and he’ll be watching Santa.” Riding in the Thanksgiving parade isn’t the only honor the city of Philadelphia has bestowed upon Long. 

How ‘Jeopardy!’ Has Changed Long’s Life

In September, he was honored at City Hall by Mayor Jim Kenney for his Jeopardy! performance and given a model of the Liberty Bell. Long has spoken about how Jeopardy! changed his life, saying that his game show winnings gave him the freedom to stop working 14-hour days. Long said he’s been using his free time to learn some languages. 

Long also got another chance to show his skills on the game show. He was chosen to compete in Jeopardy!’s Tournament of Champions. Long lost in the first round, coming in second to Maureen O’Neil. Long might not have advanced to the finals of the tournament, but his appearance in the upcoming Thanksgiving parade will be just as fun!

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