‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Sing Praises For Game Show’s New Favorite Winner

Fans of Jeopardy! have a new favorite champion! Viewers love Yungsheng Wang, a public defender from Los Angeles, who endeared himself to the audience through his colorful bow ties and excited reactions to answering questions correctly. 

Fans Call Wang ‘Cutest Thing Ever’

Wang ended his run on the game show earlier this month, taking home $86,202 and earning a legion of fans. The lawyer got a lot of attention for his outfit choices. “Ok but Yungsheng Wang is the cutest thing ever with that bowtie,” one person wrote, punctuating their tweet with a heart eye emoji. 

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Another commented, “Not just a plaid tie, but a plaid BOW tie!? I think this is my favorite outfit of his so far.” His eye-catching bow ties aren’t the only thing that drew fans of the game show to Wang. 

Many commented on his enthusiastic and animated demeanor, loving how happy he was to be competing. “Yungsheng Wang has to be the happiest contestant I’ve ever seen on this show. Delightful, really,” one person tweeted

“Yungsheng is just happy to be here. Love him,” another wrote. I have been watching #Jeopardy all my life,” someone shared. “And I think Yungsheng’s reaction upon winning tonight was the most adorable I’ve ever seen.”

Some Criticized Wang’s Reactions: ‘Wang Made A Fool Of Himself’

However, some have teased Wang for his reactions. After getting a question correct that all other contestants missed, the public defender’s mouth dropped open and he even ducked behind his podium. 

“That guy might want to cut back on his caffeine intake,” someone commented on a video clip of the moment. “Yeesh. Wang made a fool of himself,” another wrote. “Yungsheng does not have a poker face,” someone laughed

“I like his enthusiasm,” one fan defended him. “At least he’s interesting unlike the series of white bread contestants they’ve had lately.” Many were sad to see Wang go earlier this month, and some are even crying foul. 

The contestant who dethroned Wang, Brian Ahern, is being accused of not answering the game-winning question in traditional Jeopardy! fashion: in the form of a question. However, some have defended him, with one tweeting, “Actually Brian did say ‘what’s’, he said it really fast.” Even though some are challenging Ahern’s win, it’s clear that Wang is still the contestant on everyone’s mind. Here’s hoping he returns for future episodes! 

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