‘Jeopardy!’ Super Champ Cris Pannullo’s ‘Lunch Of Champions’ Confused Even The Show’s Twitter Account


Many Jeopardy! viewers have wondered if there’s a secret to a champion’s success—a buzzer technique, a lucky charm? The game show recently revealed Chris Pannullo’s secret: a “lunch of champions” that has some fans very confused.

Chris Pannullo’s ‘Lunch Of Champions’

The Jeopardy! Twitter account posted “Lunch à la Pannullo,” a salad recipe “guaranteed to keep you in fighting form as you defend your Jeopardy! throne.” The salad is very simple and requires just three ingredients: 1 bowl of mixed greens, 1 scoop of chickpeas, and 2 scoops of chicken. That’s it. No liquids, sauces, or toppings of any kind.

The directions are equally simple. “Add all ingredients to a biodegradable cafeteria bowl. Seal the lid and shake well,” the recipe instructs. It also tells fans to serve it with a banana, but for a little bit of excitement, an apple can be substituted. 

What Is Flavor?

The recipe seems pretty straightforward, but a lot of Jeopardy! viewers have some questions about Pannullo’s signature salad. Even the Jeopardy! Twitter account seemed confused by the contestant’s salad—they added a “handwritten” note to the recipe that questions “No dressing???”

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One person echoed that sentiment, writing, “NO DRESSING ???” Another commented, “Get my guy some balsamic, olive oil, and lemon.” Some people were more complimentary. One fan wrote, “And I thought I was the only one who loves chickpeas in my salad.” We’re going to assume they take their salad with some kind of dressing though.

Other Contestants Weigh In On ‘Jeopardy!’ Lunches

Fans weren’t the only ones weighing in on Pannullo’s salad. Former Jeopardy! contestant Molly Karol joked, “Ok but they left out the ideal lunchtime ambience – a folding table in the Sony parking garage!”

Matt Takimoto, another former champion, added, “Surrounded by 8 people fighting off a panic attack, and 4 people enjoying their free lunch having already played and lost.” Many fans were interested in the lunch time routine of the game show contestants. 

“Do contestants have to pay for their own lunch or is it provided for them gratis by the studio?” one person wondered. Karol replied, “They encourage contestants to bring their own snacks, but lunch is provided by the studio!”

Pannullo’s salad recipe certainly started a conversation about what it takes to pull off so many consecutive victories, but according to some other champions, it seems more like where you’re able to get a moment to eat is probably more important than what you’re eating!

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