‘Jeopardy!’ ToC Finalist’s ‘Unfunny’ And ‘Offensive’ Songs Are Shockingly Catchy

While the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions has certainly brought a lot of shocking developments, recent buzz online actually has nothing to do with the game. As Jeopardy! fans discovered, tournament finalist Sam Buttrey’s skills extend far beyond the trivia game.

Sam Buttrey Is A Man Of Many Talents

The Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions has seen an intense battle between its final three contestants: 40-game winner Amy Schneider, software developer Andrew He, and Professors Tournament champion Sam Buttrey. While each contestant has large camps rooting for them within the Jeopardy! fandom, Buttrey in particular has charmed audiences with his gentle humor and positive attitude.

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So, when the associate professor revealed that he sometimes makes music in his spare time, fans were quick to hunt down his discography. “I’m a keyboard player but with the help of computer software I can create entire songs that I think are hilarious. But in reality range from the unfunny to offensive,” he joked during the finals. “I’ll be making you a mixtape of my two favorites: ‘The Colonoscopy Song’ and ‘Don’t Put Your Cat Butt in My Face,’” Sam promised Ken Jennings.

Fans Flock To Sam Buttrey’s SoundCloud

As it turns out, “unfunny” and “offensive” are the last words we’d would use to describe Buttrey’s songs. The associate professor has 19 tracks publicly available to stream on SoundCloud. The comedy songs range from country to rock to reggae, so there’s something to please everyone.

His two most popular tracks are the ones he named on the show—”The Colonoscopy Song” and “Don’tPutYourCatButtInMyFace”—and they’ve each garnered a few thousand listens already. In “The Colonoscopy Song,” Buttrey muses on both the routine operation and how it feels to get older.

“When you get to be the big 5-0 like me, you’re filled with wisdom and maturity,” Buttrey croons over a bouncy track. “There’s another side of life that you’re ready to see. You get to have a colonoscopy.”

In “Don’tPutYourCatButtInMyFace,” Buttrey jokingly airs his frustrations over a pet cat’s annoying habit. “Don’t put your cat butt in my face. I could get a puppy, and you could be replaced. Don’t put your cat butt in my face,” Buttrey sings over a country track with some catchy twanging banjo.

While the Tournament of Champions may be drawing to a close, it’s clear Sam Buttrey has gifted fans some songs they can enjoy for years to come.

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