‘Jeopardy!’ Triple Stumper Made Six Flags A Whole Lot Less Fun For Us

It’s not surprising that there are moments in history people might not want to remember. However, a recent Jeopardy! triple-stumper had some viewers feeling uncomfortable about the origin of the name of Six Flags Theme Park. 

A recent episode saw real estate analyst Alec Wang, high school teacher Erin Portman, and risk manager Vince Bacani face off against each other. All performed admirably, but there was one question that had all three contestants clueless. 

The $800 clue for the category “Six Pack” read, “The ‘Six Flags’ over Texas refer to the entities that have controlled it; sixth is the USA, this was fifth.” All three players were stumped, so host Ken Jennings was the one to reveal the answer: the Confederacy. 

Many viewers were shocked to learn why the theme park was named Six Flags and that the Confederate flag was one of the six eponymous flags. The theme park originated in Texas and was named after the six different nations that have governed the state: Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the United States of America, and the Confederate States of America. 

Six Flags Parks Were Still Flying The Flag In 2017

Shockingly, three of the company’s parks were still flying the Confederate flag as late as 2017. Two of the parks were in Texas, and the other was in Georgia. Initially, park officials at Six Flags Over Texas stated there were no plans to remove the flag, though they changed course shortly afterwards. 

Six Flags didn’t apologize for flying the flag but did release a statement saying, “We’re just choosing to display symbols that everyone can support, that being the American flag. We’re flying all American flags.”

Six Flags Prepares To Open First Overseas Park

Today, the Six Flags Entertainment Corporation owns 20 amusement parks in North America alone and owns the most theme parks and water parks combined of any amusement park company.  

The company also boasts the seventh highest attendance rate in the world, with parks in California, Massachusetts, Illinois, Mexico, and Canada. Six Flags is also currently working on Six Flags Qiddiya, which will be located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and is set to open this year. 

This recent Jeopardy! triple-stumper has clued fans in on the problematic history behind Six Flags’ name, as well as the fact that the Confederate flag was only removed from all of the company’s parks a few years ago. Hopefully, the next round of competitors will brush up on their American/roller coaster history before the game.

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