John Stamos Defends Lori Loughlin On Recent Podcast Episode

John Stamos is hitting back at Lori Loughlin’s haters. The actor recently defended his Full House co-star from critics and discussed his thoughts on her role in the Varsity Blues college admissions scandal. 

Loughlin’s Role In The Varsity Blues Scandal

Stamos and Loughlin have been friends for years. The two played husband and wife on Full House and have remained close since the show’s end. Stamos recently spoke about his relationship with Loughlin while appearing on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast. 

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Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli were indicted by the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for fraud and bribery after it was revealed that they had paid $500,000 to have their two daughters designated crew team recruits for the University of Southern California. Neither one of Loughlin’s daughters had participated in the sport before. 

The actress served two months in prison for her role in the Varsity Blues scandal, and was fined $150,000. Loughlin also had to complete 100 hours of community service. She was released from prison in December of 2020. 

Stamos Calls Former Co-Star ‘A Great Person’

“[The college admissions scandal] was something you were saying, like, ‘I hate it when people bring her up,”” Stamos explained on Armchair Expert. “Because if you defend her then people get mad and if you don’t defend her you feel bad because she’s a great person.” 

Shepard agreed, saying he found her “lovely” when they worked together in the past. Stamos went on to say that Loughlin had “paid a lot of money” in the aftermath of the college admissions scandal, from the fines she paid to a college fund she set up for students. 

“And she went to f*cking jail, man,” Stamos said. He also spoke in more detail about her involvement in the scandal. “I’m gonna say this and she said I could,” he shared.

“She wasn’t really the architect of any of it. She was in the way background. She really didn’t know what was going on.”

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Since her release from prison, Loughlin has relaunched her acting career with roles in When Hope Calls and Fall into Winter. Stamos’ defense of his former co-star shows how strong their friendship is, years after they finished working together.

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