John Stamos Shares Late Mother’s Powerful Advice Before Her Passing


John Stamos lost his mother eight years ago, but it’s clear he still holds her close to his heart. On the anniversary of her passing, he posted a handwritten note she gave him—and it contains beautiful advice we all can learn something from.

‘Enough Love to Fuel A Small Country’

Even at the age of 59, Stamos still reminisces about his mom, Loretta Stamos. In fact, the actor often refers to his mom as the love of his life. On the eighth anniversary of his mother’s death, the celebrity shared a touching tribute to the love of his life on Instagram.

As Stamos wrote, “My sweet mother who had enough love to fuel a small country passed away eight years ago today. She would leave little notes around for my sisters and I. I found this one a few weeks after she died, right when I needed it most. Parents, write notes to your kids. They’ll post about it someday. Miss you mom, Love you more. XOXO ‘Life is an occasion… Rise to it. Don’t be sad because I died- be happy because I lived. I had a Wonderful Life.’”

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Of course fans and celebrities responded to the post with love and tears. Darcy Rose Byrnes, a young award-winning actress, shared a comment that perfectly summed up the majority of responses: “Such good advice from your mother, wonderfully said. This is definitely something I needed to hear.” Other celebrities chimed in with sweet sentiments. The actor and comedian Howie Mandel simply commented, “Wow. Beautiful.”

I Felt So Happy Lovin’ You

When Loretta passed away eight years ago, the actor also took to Instagram to share loving words about his mother. In fact, the same language Stamos uses in his most recent post can be found in the tribute from eight years ago. On September 23, 2014, Stamos shared, “The love of my life passed away yesterday in her home surrounded by her children and grandchildren. My mother had enough love to fuel a small country.”

The love Stamos has for his mother is also evident in his acting career. Even the pilot for Fuller House was dedicated in loving memory to the mothers of Dave Coulier, Jeff Franklin, Bob Saget, and John Stamos. What’s more is Loretta even played a minor role in an episode of Full House. During the episode “Mad Money,” Loretta played a woman in the audience that Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) threw a scarf at in the beginning of his Elvis impersonation.

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As we all continue reaching out to our mothers, Stamos also has advice for parents. The actor encourages all parents to write notes to their kids. This mom is going to do just that. Who knows, perhaps my kids will share their mom notes with the world one day. At the very least, maybe they’ll find the note when they need it most.

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