Jonathan Scott Shared This Genius DIY Patio Table That’s Perfect for Tricking Porch Pirates

UPS, FedEx, and Amazon delivery people rejoice! Property Brothers television personality Jonathan Scott may have found the perfect solution to porch package theft. He recently shared a video on Instagram showing followers how to create a DIY patio table with a hidden compartment for packages.

It’s Simpler Than You’d Think

Using a patio table, piece of wood, spray paint, mirror, and a few nuts and bolts, The Adley Show shows followers how to create the perfect porch hideaway for delivered packages to go incognito. Scott reposted the video, calling it “genius” with a laughing-crying emoji.

Genius or jokester, the post received 456,337 likes with a fair amount of fans appreciating the project. Some pointed out that while the table may deter package theft, it also looks like it might attract an accidental kick or stumble. Even Michael Bublé chimed in, joking that he can now steal Scott’s packages.

Package Theft Is A Huge Problem

Package theft, also known as porch piracy, refers to a situation where an individual steals a package from a porch or other area near the main entrance of a residence before the recipient can retrieve the item. In many cases, thieves follow delivery trucks and grab packages immediately after they are delivered. According to a survey from SafeWise and Cove Home Security, an estimated 210 million packages were stolen over the last 12 months in the U.S.

Not everyone was pleased with Jonathan Scott’s idea of a solution. One follower claimed that by sharing the video, Scott has informed the porch pirates amongst his followers to watch for mirrored tables. “Smart, but don’t announce where to put the deliveries. Just put that in the notes when you order,” another advised. Others were skeptical of the possibility of it working in the first place, saying, “Can confirm even if you say ‘deliveries here’ with a convenient place to put them, most will still just toss them in your porch.” At the very least, if it doesn’t end up working out as a package drop, it’s still a lovely end table.

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