Entrepreneur Jordan Bown has built a large social media presence through Instagram and TikTok. Because of his fast growing success and work with marketing, he has grown over 300K followers across both platforms and has become popular in the e-commerce space. Now, he uses his platform and audience to show others how to achieve their goals the way he did.

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At the start of the 24 year-old’s career, he was a high school grad who ran a Twitter page for a streetwear brand. However, this was far from his first job. Bown had gone from working as a busser at Red Robin, to working at a daycare, and even as a door-to-door salesman, selling insurance.

While running the Twitter page, he grew a following of more than 32K for the fashion brand. This pivotal moment of success made him realize what he really enjoyed: the process of selling products to consumers. It was this taste of influence, of having an audience, that intrigued him and led him into the world of marketing.

After this discovery, he ran a local agency in his home state of Utah. Five months in, he realized that this type of work wasn’t quite his style either. “I hated running an agency because I had to still be at the mercy of my clients and have a schedule that worked around them.. which is the whole reason I didn’t want a job,” says Bown, who knew from the get-go that a traditional corporate position just wasn’t for him.

However, he recognizes the importance of this experience and encourages his students and other entrepreneurs not to worry so much about failing. “You are continuously surrounded by failures, shortcomings, lessons, and obstacles. If you are afraid of failure you might as well be a swimmer afraid of water…”

This openness to failure is what he attributes much of his success to. In fact, the failures along the way are what led him to discovering his ideal line of work: ecommerce and dropshipping. Drawing from his experience on Twitter as a streetwear marketer and his experience running an agency, Bown developed the perfect combination of his interests.

“I had finally created my first successful and profitable business two years after graduating highschool!“ Bown explains. He believes his passion and genuine interest in what he does is one of the many reasons that he achieved his goals so quickly.

Still, he notes that good things take time and even though he was successful, the road to accomplishing goals isn’t always smooth. He stayed true to himself, never gave up and wants others to know that this has been an important aspect of being a leader – especially a successful one.

Bown has also had an abundance of motivation his entire life. “I love seeing something go from 0-100. It’s what I live for… Motivation has never been a struggle for me. I’ve always had an endless amount of ideas and inspirations – seeing others live the lives that they enjoy and are proud of, fires me up to do the same,” he says.

As a successful businessman, Bown has set a new goal: to help others. With a growing list of 200 loyal students and the excitement of his entire career ahead of him, Bown has embarked on a mission to create an army of entrepreneurs just like him. Teaching others how to live the life they always wanted is his new dream – and just like the last, he has no doubts that he will be able to do it.

To find Jordan Bown online and learn more about what he is up to, visit him on Instagram @jordan.bown. To learn more about his most recent project, visit him on Tiktok @voidenergy.

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