Just Hours Before Her Crash, Anne Heche Posed For This Photo

Anne Heche passed away on Friday following her involvement in a catastrophic car crash. Many are left wondering what exactly happened. The situation is overall just incredibly tragic. Here’s what she was doing just hours before the crash.

An Anne Heche Refresher

With her name all over the news this week, it’s time for a refresher on who Heche was. She was a soap star turned successful actress. She starred alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar in I Know What You Did Last Summer. She won an Emmy Award for Another World and later received a Tony nomination for Twentieth Century. Heche was also Ellen DeGeneres’ girlfriend before Portia de Rossi.

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Until this tragic crash, Heche was extremely active. She had seven projects in development, including a recurring role in the Weeknd-helmed HBO series The Idol. Production was completed in July and it’s set to release later this year.

She Was Out Shopping

Just hours before the crash, Heche was out shopping. She curiously went to Glass Hair Design in Los Angeles where she bought a red wig and took time to pose for a photograph.

The comments under this photo have turned into a memorial of sorts. “This may be her last picture,” one commenter writes. “I truly hope not though!” Another rightly pointed out how fast everything happened: “Wow. How life changes so quickly.”

Questions About The Accident

Others are commenting on her appearance. “She looks wasted,” one writes. Another user questions, “Did she seem under the influence?” It’s rude for commenters to have asked questions like this as she laid in a coma before being taken off life support, but questions are swirling over whether or not Heche was under the influence when she was involved in the car crash.

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The police obtained a warrant for a blood sample to test for a DUI. Heche was involved in two crashes on August 5, with video footage showing her speeding around Los Angeles and nearly taking out pedestrians. The second crash caused her brain injury and engulfed her vehicle as well as a bystander’s home in flames.

Tragically, the crash took Heche’s life and completely ruined another. Heche was removed from life support after it it was determined which of her organs were viable to be donated. We wish her family well in this trying time, and our heart goes out to the victim who lost her home in the crash.

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