Kate Hudson Named A Cocktail After Her Mom And It’s Perfect

The delightful Kate Hudson recently joined Sean Evans for one of his wildly popular “Hot Ones” interviews. While the pair certainly chatted about all things hot wings, Hudson also revealed a special cocktail recipe she recently created in honor of her famous mother, Goldie Hawn. Here’s how to make the signature drink.

Kate Hudson Talks Cocktails

While you’ll immediately recognize Kate Hudson from early aughts classics like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, the actress also has a serious entrepreneurial streak.

In addition to fronting two fashion ventures—Fabletics and Happy x Nature—she recently launched her very own craft vodka line called King St. Vodka. During her recent “Hot Ones” interview, she and Sean Evans got to talking about her love of cocktails.

“Do you have a signature cocktail for the holidays? If so, can you talk us through how to make it?” Evans asked the Glass Onion star.

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“I made, just recently, what I’m calling a ‘Goldie’s Mad Dash,”” Hudson revealed. “I made a lychee martini, and I did two ounces vodka, two ounces lychee, an ounce of the cranberry, and then I did a dash of orange bitters. And it’s so good, and something my mom loves. That’s why I called it ‘Goldie’s Mad Dash.’ Which also is her personality.”

As far as specific winter drinks go, though, Hudson also noted that she enjoys a good bourbon by the fire.

Kate Hudson Makes Goldie In A Glass

While Hudson’s cocktail sounds like a delicious drink for just about anyone, we couldn’t think of a better name for the concoction.

Like the sweet and tangy mix of lychee, cranberry, and orange bitters, Goldie Hawn is known for her lovable but feisty personality. The fiercely independent Hollywood bombshell is constantly making headlines for her dedication to her family and philanthropic pursuits.

The award-winning actress also celebrated her 77th birthday on November 21. Hudson honored her mom with a touching Instagram tribute.

“So lucky I get to celebrate my beautiful mother every day BUT TODAY Nov 21 was the day she was born!” Hudson wrote in the caption. “I wonder if God knew what had been concocted in the stars to create this beaming light? I have a feeling it was by no accident that she shares this otherworldly lust for life and joyous spirit.”

So, in honor of the iconic Goldie Hawn’s belated birthday, it’s time to dust off your cocktail shakers and raise a glass of “Goldie’s Mad Dash.”

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