Kate Middleton Has Added A Touching Tribute To The Late Queen In Her Annual Christmas Carol Invitation

It looks like the royals are getting started on their Christmas plans! The Princess of Wales has already had her Christmas Carol service invitations drawn up, and they include a very sweet tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth. 

Artist Who Designed Christmas Card Calls It ‘An Incredible Honor’

Kate Middleton started hosting this service last year. She even took part in the concert herself, playing piano while Scottish singer Tom Walker sang “For Those Who Can’t Be Here.” The event was a big success, and the princess is getting geared up for this year’s concert. 

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The cards for this year’s concert were designed by Aurelie Baudry Palmer, a London-based illustrator. She posted a picture of the card’s design, which shows people in brightly-colored coats and a few corgis heading into Westminster Abbey.

Middleton’s Sweet Tribute To Queen Elizabeth

Palmer revealed a special request Middleton made shortly before the cards were printed. “This commission was a fairly quick turnaround, and I also wanted to leave plenty of time for feedback—like the addition of corgis!” Palmer told Hello

She added, “I’m over the moon my work has been shared so widely, and also to play a small part in such a thoughtful community carol concert. I worked on the illustration over three days, filming as I drew and showing the progress to the Kensington Palace’s team as I went along to make sure I was on the right track. It certainly took a few hours… a little longer than the beautiful 22-second clip that was put together afterwards.”

The artist is referring to a time-lapse video Middleton posted to announce her upcoming carol service. “A date for your diary this December,” she captioned the post. “And you can join us for this very special Carol Service @ITV on Christmas Eve.”

The Ceremony Will Honor The Queen’s Values

The corgis aren’t the only way the princess is paying tribute to the late queen this holiday season. Middleton’s Christmas service will honor values Queen Elizabeth showed throughout her time on the throne, like compassion and support. 

“These principles are shared and personified by the inspirational guests who have been invited to the Abbey from across the UK in recognition of their tireless efforts to help and care for those around them,” Buckingham Palace said in a statement about the event. Middleton’s Christmas Carol service invitations are a sweet way to honor Queen Elizabeth during the world’s first holiday season without her. 

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