Kate Middleton Once Again Proves How Good She Is With Children


It’s no surprise that Kate Middleton is a great mom to her three kids, and that talent also extends to children all over the world.

While performing her royal duties, Middleton often finds ways to interact with children. A recent tweet is serving as even more proof that the princess immediately connects with kids from all backgrounds.

‘My Name Is Catherine’

In a video posted to Twitter this month, Middleton is seen interacting with a sweet three-year-old, Akeem. Apparently, the young boy isn’t aware of who the royal family member is. As he asks the princess her name, Middleton replies, “My name is Catherine.” Akeem simply says, “OK.”

As the princess talks to Akeem, she points out the poppy pin on her coat. The poppy pin is worn in England for their Remembrance Day, which honors the lives and memories of fallen troops.

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“Have you got a poppy?” Middleton asks the boy as she reaches down to her pin. After Akeem points out the flowers on the pin, the princess then asks if the young child would like her pin. Of course, Akeem says, “Yes!”

As the princess hands the poppy to Akeem, she decides that it may be best for him to give the pin to his mother for safekeeping.

After greeting his mother, another young child approaches Middleton. The princess doesn’t miss a beat as she immediately greets the young girl and begins a conversation with her.

Middleton’s Visit To The Maternal Mental Health Alliance

The darling interaction between Middleton and Akeem occurred during her visit to Maternal Mental Health Alliance. In an Instagram post, the princess shared why she was there.

“A wonderful first visit with the Maternal Mental Health Alliance this morning, seeing its work and the benefit a holistic approach brings to so many mothers and families.” The caption read.

“Spending some time with new mothers, understanding more about their experiences of mental health and how integrated services are making a real difference in the community.”

It is evident on Middleton’s Instagram page that she shares with Prince William that the princess often connects with children. In another recent post, the princess talked with several children at the Rugby League World Cup quarterfinals.

In another picture, Middleton can be seen interacting with even the youngest among us. Just as she supports the mental health of mothers in the recent Twitter video, the princess was seen encouraging the mental health of new mothers at the Royal Surrey Maternity Unit. She even holds a newborn baby of one of the mothers.

From ruby tournaments to maternity and mental health units, Middleton is able to connect with children of all ages wherever she goes.

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