Kate Middleton’s Citrine Necklace Is Laden With Meaning


While her in-laws are dominating the news cycle from across the pond, Kate Middleton just debuted a new jewelry piece. As it turns out, the tiny gem packs a powerful message.

Last week, Middleton hosted a reception at Hampton Court Palace for England’s Wheelchair Rugby League team in honor of their recent World Cup victory against France. The Princess of Wales re-wore a flattering burgundy Roland Mouret suit for the occasion, but she paired it with a never-before-seen gold and citrine necklace.

The stunning necklace is all at once dainty and eye-catching. The yellow gold chain and setting serve to compliment the citrine quartz’s warm honey-like shine. This specific piece, which has been identified as Danielle Draper’s Gold Citrine Baby Treasure Necklace, retails for £825.00 ($1017.13) and is still available on the jeweler’s website.

For centuries, this jewel in particular has symbolized positivity, mental clarity, and prosperity. Citrine is also referred to as “the merchant’s stone” for its reputation as a bringer of good luck. Even now, some businesses have a tradition of keeping a citrine stone in the cash drawer or near the register for good fortune.

Knowing that citrine is valued for its powerful symbolic properties, it’s no wonder Middleton is a fan of the gemstone. As a royal figure singularly celebrated for her grace and poise, it makes sense that she would resonate with citrine’s message of positivity and optimism.

As far as we know, Middleton owns two other citrine jewelry pieces. The Princess of Wales was photographed wearing a stunning citrine ring in 2008, years before marrying into the royal family, and has been spotted wearing the same piece multiple times since. Middleton even wore the ring to the No Time To Die premiere back in 2021, as reported by Hello! Magazine.

In addition to her long-beloved ring, Middleton also owns a pair of Kiki McDonough citrine earrings. According to Kate Middleton Style Blog, the Princess of Wales has worn the earrings to more than 40 public engagements, making them one of her most-worn jewelry pieces to date.

Although Middleton has access to some of the rarest and most luxurious jewels in the world, she clearly adores this yellow quartz. Citrine is certainly a gorgeous stone, but it’s a fairly common one in the jewelry world. With that in mind, it’s safe to assume that Middleton values citrine for its symbolism just as much as for its aesthetic properties.


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