Katie Couric’s Husband Under Fire For Reaction To Roe V. Wade Decision


People around the world reacted strongly one way or another to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, but Katie Couric’s husband, John Molner, is getting slammed for his Instagram post about the event. 

Molner’s ‘Odd’ Post Regarding Roe v. Wade

“@delta It’s a sad day in our nation,” he captioned an image of a Delta airplane. “Roe v Wade has been repealed. Additionally, the Court has struck down New York gun safety laws restricting people from carrying concealed weapons. And Delta Airlines continues its descent toward becoming the worst major US airlines, canceling scores of flights daily, stranding passengers for days and holding them hostage to higher fares. It’s not as bad as rolling back reproductive rights but it’s pretty aggravating.”

Molner’s followers were quick to point out that the political events he mentioned were a bit more important than flight cancellations and criticized him for his odd post. “This feels like an odd post to me,” one person wrote. “I appreciate your sentiments on the horrendous ruling today, but it seems odd to group it with a complaint about an airline, no? Doesn’t quite feel appropriate.”

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“Somber day indeed,” someone commented. “But how can you group a failing airline in the same post as removing constitutional rights for women?!?! Beyond insensitive and out of touch. @katiecouric can you help him out?”

Molner Responds: ‘It’s Not Equal. I Stated This.’

“Maybe let Katie do the reporting and stick to taking pictures with celebrities……” someone suggested, while another person simply wrote, “Read the room, man.” Molner hit back at the critics, in an attempt to clarify his statement. 

“It’s not equal,” he replied, referring to equating the Supreme Court decisions with a canceled flight. “I stated this. We can’t, however, stop complaining about everything just because we’ve lost fundamental reproductive rights for the first time in 50 years. #vote.”

Others Agree With His Delta Comments

While many were confused and displeased with Molner’s strange anti-Delta rant, others agreed with him. “DELTA -Stands for “Doesn’t Ever Leave The Airport!!” someone joked. Another wrote, “OMG I agree on all points! @delta canceled my flight out of nowhere too…”  Molner singled out Delta for canceling flights and raising fares, but one person pointed out, “I’ve been stranded in Philly for two days. @americanair so it’s not just @delta”

Molner’s Instagram post was not well-received by his followers, with many imploring him to delete the post or at least rethink his comparison, but he has stuck with his initial thoughts on Delta—even as his comments section fills up with criticisms. 

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